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William Marcy Tweed
The Leader of Tammany Hall, New York's Political Machine

He was corrupt
James Garfield
Republican President who was assasinated. His assassination led to the passage of the Pendelton Civil Service Act.
George Eastman
Invented the first widely-used camera
Rutherford B. Hayes
Promoted civil service reform by naming independents to his cabinet.
Booker T. Washington
Founded the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute.
Christopher Sholes
A designer who used improved steel to construct the first skyscraper.
Joseph Pulitzer
A pioneer in the newspaper business

His name is on a reporting award
John D. Rockefeller
He was considered a "robber baron" and a "Captain of Industry"
Promonotory Point
The place where the golden spike of the railroad was put in.
Kitty Hawk
Location of the first successful flight in a powered vehicle.
Angel Island
Where most Asians immigrating to the US came through.
Fifteenth Amendment
Granted African Americans the right to vote.
People who wanted to prevent or greatly limit the entry of new immigrants in the 18oo's.
Horizontal Integration
When a business buys out all competitors that produce a product similar to their own.
Plessy vs. Fergusen
Supreme Court case that allowe "seperate but equal" facilities.
The Gentelmans Agreement
Discriminated against Japanese immigrants.
When a politician rewarded a worker's support by giving them a governemnt job.
Dawes Act
Act that assimilated Native Americans into American society
Social Gospel Movement
Helped take care of poor immigrants in the 1800's.
Rural Free Delivery
Helped businesses increase their sales in the late 1800's.