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Date that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
December 7, 1941
Nation Bombed by German Luffwaffe
England/Great Britain
Date Japan signed its official Surrender
September 2,1945
Date the D-day occured at Normandy,France
June 6, 1944
What did Americans have to have to buy certain foods during the war
Rationing Stamps
what does the term G.I. mean
Government Issued
What was the name of the fascist leader of Italy during WW2
Benito Mussolini
American in charge of building Atomic Bomb
J. Robert Obenheimer
Term Given to political philosophy that nation is more important than the individual
Program that said US could aide any nation vital to the US
Lend Lease Act
First city to be bombed by atomic bomb
What title did Hitler give himself
De Fuhrer
German Immigrant who suggested to FDR that there could be a powerful new bomb
Albert Einstein
What nations invasion by Germany started World War II
Ship Japans signed the formal surrender on?
U.S.S. Missouri
What was the day and year that Germany launched its last counter attack at The Battle of the Bulge
December, 1944
What image was you to attract women to the war time industry workforce on places such as defense plants
Rosie the Riveter
What month and Year was the Atomic bomb tested in New Mexico
July 1945
What American General commanded allied forces at D-day
Dwight Eisenhower
What Admiral commanded allied forces at the Battle of Midway
Admiral Chester Nimitz
What term means Lightening War
What president authorized Atomic bomb
Harry S. Truman
German General who was defeated in North Africa and at Normandy
Irwim Rommel
What meeting did FDR, Churchill, and Stalin all meet up at to talk about the dividing of germany into 4 zones
YALTA conference
The principles agreed upon by FDR and Churchill which later became the basis for the UN
Atlantic Charter
What month and year did Germany surrender
May 1945
What was the code name for the developement of the atomic bomb
Manhatten Project
What date is considered the beginning of WW2
September 1, 1939
What incident did 10,000 POW american and filipino die while being taken to japenese war camps
Baaton Death March
What two beaches did Americans land on D-day
Utah and Omaha
What nation did Germany invade despite non-aggression pact
Soviet Union
What American General led allied forces on an attack on Sicily in Italy
General George Patton
Leader of the Soviet Union during WW2
Joseph Stalin
British Prime Minister during WW2
Winston Churchill
Nation which was sacrificed at the Munich Conference to have peace
Term given to the night when nazi and others attacked jewish homes and business and destroyed them and many jews taken to prison camps
Krystal Nacht or chrystal Night or Night of Broken Glass
What nation did Germany cut through to attack France on two occasions
government savings notes bought to finance the war
War Bonds
Campain to end discrimination on the homefront and win the war for allies and claim victory
Double V
who led daring air Raids in the Daylight on Tokyo
Jimmy Doolittle
First battle in history where all fighting was done in air craft
Battle of Coral Sea
About how many Jews died in the holocaust
6 million
Battle near the Philipines that ended Japan as a Naval power
Battle of Layte gulf
How did the US get most of the money for the war
War Bonds
Where did the tide of the war against Japan turn for the good of the Allied forces
The Battle of Midway
Why couldnt Americans spend high wages earned during war
They had nothing to buy
Where did Douglas Mcaurther say "I shall return"
What were laws that took jews citizenship away from Germany said they couldnt marry non jews said they couldnt operate businesses on non jews
Nuhremberg Laws
Name of the Stradegy allies used in the Pacific
Island Hopping
Part of world where Battles Coral Sea Midway etc were fought
Pacific Ocean
Caused the US to enter WW2
Pearl Harbor
What took place on D-day?
The attack on Normandy France
How did allies transmit secret messages in pacific and elsewhere during WW2
Through Navajo Indian speaking in Navajo that Japenese couldnt break the code also known as Code Talkers or Wind Talkers
Term Given to the end of war in Europe
V-E Day
Finally brought an end to WW2
The Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki
what was the very long battle that was fought to prevent German submarines from isolating Britain
Battle of the Atlantic
Bomb loaded Japenese Suicide planes that were sent to crash into US fleet and other important equipment
Where were Nazis accused and executed for war crimes
Japan Prime Minister that ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor
Hideki Tojo
Code name for allied invasion of Normandy Coast of France
Operation Overlord
What Program did Government use to gurantee profit to wartime industries
Cost-Plus program
Group of Americans who were discriminated against during WW2 and placed in internment camps
Japenese Americans
Government Agency to boost Moral and Patriotism on the Homefront
Office of War Information
Government Agency led by James Burns centralized other agency
Office of War Mobilization
Helped war effort by making Liberty Ships
Henry J. Kaiser
What was the Month and Year that allied Naval Defense succeed at Guadel Canal
August 1942
British Prime Minister who agreed to appeasement at Munich
Neville Chamberlain
What meeting did Nazis agree to Final Solution of the Genocide of Jews
Wannsee Conference
What location did British Civilians evacuate British Army to avoid being Captured by Germany
Top American General and Army Chief of Staff
General George Marshall
Labor leader threatened to head a march on Washington in favor to stop racial discrimination on war plants
A. Philip Randolph
What nation invaded ethiopia
What nation was annexed by Germany in March 1938
What were the axis powers and be able to locate on map
Germany Italy and East Prussia
What were the Allied Powers and be able to locate on map
Great Britain and Soviet Union and United States
What were the nations under Axis Control and be able to locate on map
France Austria Bulgaria Morocco Algeria tunisia Luxemberg Netherlands Belgium Denmark Yugoslavia Albania Greece Bulgaria Romania Hungary Czechoslavakia Finland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Poland Norway Bessarabia and part of Soviet Union
What were the Neutral Nations and be able to locate on map
Spaniah Morocco Spain Portugual Ireland Switzerland Sweden Turkey
What were the name of the "thugs" used by Mussolini to come to power
October 1935 what happend
Mussolini invades ethiopia and they finally gained control in March 1936
What did the NAZI stand for
National socialist German Workers Party
what was Reichstag
The German Parliament
on March 9, 1936 what happened
germans moved their troops on the German Rhineland which invaded the Treaty of versailles
When did US general George S. Patton attack Sicily
July 1943
Carpet Bombing
The Dropping of Bombs of a large area
What was the month and Year of the Battle of Midway
June 4, 1942
When was the Battle of the Coral Sea
May 1942
Battle of the Guadal Canal Date
February 1943
Battle oF Iwo Jima
February 1945
Battle Of Okinawa
April to June 1945
Mobile Killing units