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Arabic Pledge
After the sinking of the British liner, Arabic, Germany promised not to sink unarmed liners
Sussex PLedge
the Germans sank the Sussex and then the Germans agreed to abide by the rules of visit and search
what Wilson told Americans to practice, because they were not entered into the war, but the war started to affect them even mroe.
Zimmerman Note
The note from the German foreign minister sent to the ambassador to mexico, it said that if mexico joined the central powers, then germany would help mexico get back arizona, texas and new mexico
Czar Nicholas
The Czar of Russia who's family was completely taken over by the Bolsheviks, a Russian communist group, and was killed becasue he ruled Russia with an absolute monarchy.
Fourteen Points
Wilson's points that focused on peace in the world, and nations living in harmony and peace. idealistic rules
League of Nations
representatives from each nation that come together and discuss the powers each nation, the united states did not join the League of nations
Selective Service Act
law that requires all men between teh ages of 21 and 31 to register for the service
Liberty bonds
bonds that people invested into the country in order to fund the war, the people would get their money back after the war and make no profit
herbert hoover
the man in charge of setting up the national food-control program
food administration
the organization that lobbied to conserve food during the wartime
committee on Public Information
the committee that Wilson told to sell the war to the Americans
espionage act
gives the president the power of censorship
sedition act
opposed penalties on anyone who spoke against the governmnet
David Lloyd George
the British leader who wanted revenge on Germnay for their involvement on WWI
Georges Clemenceau
the french leader who strongly opposed any ideas to give Germany mercy
Vittorio Orlando
the go-with-the flow Italian leader who went along with George and Clemenceau
Repairs for any loss
William E. Borah
opposed Wilson
Henry Cabot Lodge
opposed Wilson