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Christopher Columbus
Took 6 years to get funded
Paid for 3rd Ship, Isabella payed for the other 2 ships.
Landed in Bahamas
October 12, 1492
Date Columbus made it to America
San Salvador
Where Columbus landed, means Our Savior
Viking Ships
How was America in 1941?
Independent Development
No Domesticated Animals
Bering Straight
Where Americas began to populate in 1940's. Area between Alaska and Russia
Central America - Yucutan
Most Sophisticated
Wrote alot, undecipherable
city of god
500 different tribes
Most Vibrant Culure - Called Mound Builders.
Native Americans and Disease
90 - 95% were killed by disease
Why didnt Europe find the New World
China powerful but not intrigued.
Europe wannabe
What was Columbus searching for?
A faster route to China, called Native Americans Indians because he thought he found India.
Muslim Culture
Number 2 behind China, controlled Indian Ocean and Southern Mediterranean and mande money off tolls.
How was the Old World in 1941?
Violent and Brutal
Lots of disease
Kings own almost everything
What motivated exploration?
Technology, profits and religion. Gold, God and Glory.
Protestant Reformation
1517 - began w/ Martin Luther writing the 95 Thesis because of the Sale of Indulgences.
Sale of Indulgences
Selling forgiveness of your sins. Catholic Church did this because Church was so expensive
John Calvin
Created Calvanism (Puritian) Thought you could only get into heaven if you are one of the elect.
Martin Luther
Created 95 thesis to impose the sale of indulgences.
Printing Press
Helped spread Luthers word - Invented by Gutenburg
First Protestant People, Luther thought that all you needed was faith to get into heaven.
How was Portugal?
No Science, No Rationalism
Took 50 years to get to China by going around Africa.
First to exploit slavery
Fernando and Isabella
Marriage united Kingdoms to form Spain. Funded Columbuses voyage. Funded 2 ships.
Spanish Conquestador
Spanish soldier in New World Terms, Explorer
Conquest to defeat the Mooores or Muslims. 700 year war, fight for god.
First Spanish Colony. Spanish were violent. 2 Indian Tribes. Arabs and Arowaks
Amerigo Vespucci
Sailed w/ Spain, Italian, named America after him.
Encomeda System
Conquistadors were given land to do as they please. Took over India Lands and then made them into slaves.
Hernan Cortez
Conquistador who conquered the Aztec Empire
Aztec Emporer. Thought Cortez was a God. Indecisive though.
Defeat of Aztec Empire
Defeated by Cortez and his Tlaxcaltec allies. Montezuma was stoned to death by his own people
Aztec Capital - Now Mexico. Great pyramid destroyed by Spain, replace w/ cathedral
Spaniard Treasure Ship.
St Augustine
First European Site Found
Piracy began when the Galleons would move out to sea w/ 20 - 30 ships together. Easy target. Privateers were hired Pirates by the government.
De Soto
Spanish Conquistador - Searched through North America for Gold and empires, found nothing.
Columbian Exchange
Exhange of Everything between the New World and Old World. New world got disease.
Derived from beets, great way to make money huge in trading.
Small Pox
Killed more humans out of all diseases
Leaf Erikson
Viking who found North America called New Fineland or New Foundland.
John Cabot
Italian hired by English, sailed to New Fineland, known in England as a hero, went on new voyage, lost at sea
Henry VIII
King Of England, Defender of Faith, Wanted a son to take over thrown, Married to Spanish Princess Catherine of Aragorn
Anne Boehln
Second wife of Henry VII, had a daughter w/ him. Never gets a son from him and gets 6 more wives.
Henry VIII gets a son
Son was too weak to take over the thrown.
Ann Boehlns daughter.
Spanish Armada
In 1588, the king of Spain invaded England. 30,000 troops
Taken over by England under Elizabeth. Catholic/Protestant.
Sir Walter Raleigh
English Conquerer. Found Roanoke, Virginia (lost Colony) Hooked up w/ Elizabeth.
Joint-Stock Companies
profit ventures, makes profit for crown investors. Found Virginia.