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natvie american ppl that settled in the valley of mixico and later developed a powerful empire; conquerors and human sacrafice
a ship that allowed you to sail against the wind; lighter and swifter
an instrument that navigates by stars
Columbian Exchange
the exchange of goods between africa, europe, and america
joint stock company
investors who pooled their money into a colony that would hopeully make money and they would recieve a piece of it
first successful colony, came to look for gold, but didnt find any
wanted to eliminate all traces of Roman catholic rituals and traditions in the church of england
believed gods "inner light" burned inside of everyone, allowed everyone to speak, no formal minister
indentured sevant
people for exncahnge of passage, food, and shelter, served as slaves
suplling raw materials and providingmarkets for manufactured goods from another country
navigation acts
series of laws passed by Parliament to regulate trade between the colonies and great brittain, gb got the better deal
salutary neglect
an english policy of relaxing the enforcement of regulations in its colonies in return for the colonies continued economic loyalty
cash crop
a crop grown by a farmer for sale rather than personal use
triangular trade
goods and people that were exchanged betwee africa england europe west indies and america
middle passage
the voyage that brought nslaved africans to the west indies and north america
emphasized the use of reason and the scientific method as means of obtaining knowledge
great awakening
a revival of religious feeling in the american colonies
french and indian war
the conflict over the ohio r valley ; french and indians vs brittain
proclamation act
brittain prohibited american colonists from settling west of the appalician mountains
slave codes
laws used to control blacks