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13th Amendment
banned slavery
14th Amendment
gave citenship to African Americans
15th Amendment
gave African Americans the right to vote
What was the Homestead Act?
- purpose was to expand the west
-gave free land to people who farmed it for 5 yrs.
Omaha Platform?
farmers wanted states to fix railroad prices
Many businessed treated as 1 person by the government.
Pendleton Act
Law that let the president decided federal jobs in civil service
American Federation of Labor (AFL)
took jobs from skilled americans
Assimilation process of immigrants
poor treatment of Natives
(Ex: destroyed buffalo)
populist party
farmers who wanted the government to solve their problems
Trust-busting presidents
Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson

believed they should use their powers to fix gov. issues
Panamanian Rebellion
Roosevelt sent battleships to Panama to help them become independent from Cuba
Cause of Spanish- American War
cuban sugar plantations
Platt Amendment
unwelcomed limitation to Cuban Independence
"actions used by 1 nation to exercise political or economic control over a smaller or weaker nation"

-U.S. participated to be stronger, raw materials, new market.
causes of WWI
imperalism, nationalism, aliances, militarialism
Allied Powers
Russia, France, Britain
14 points
Wilson's plan to prevent international tension from leading to war.

-eliminate causes of war like free trade
-right of self-determination &central powers
- Leauge of Nations
western front
battlefield between Belgium & France
Espionage & Sedition ACTs
laws made to kepp people from saying/doing anything against war
"the business of America is business"
-Calvin Coolidge
go back to laissez-faire
loving ones country and hating foreigns
Emergency Quota Act (1921)
people didn't think it restricted immigration enough
Cause of Red Scare
Russian Revolution
refused to confrom to society's expectations
Henry Ford
started mass consumption
made his car a necessity to all
Why was there a slowdown in business after WWI
Labor Unrest- soldiers didn't recieve their expectations
"return to Normalcy"
Warren Harding- stay neutral & less gov. regulation in business
foreign policy to stay out of international affairs
change in buying habits by Americans
increase in Credit purchases
causes of economic boom (1920s)
installment buying (credit) & unregulated stock market
causes of economic decline in late 1920s
industrial and agricultural overproduction
Hoover's reaction to the Great Depression
"rugged individualism"
-didn't want to destroy personal initiatism
-believed in business trickledown
"Black Tuesday"
Stock market crashed
October 29, 1929
Why did banks fail?
Stockbrokers could not repay loans