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When was Lincoln Assassinated?
April 16, 1865
When did Lincoln Die?
April 15, 1865. The day after he was shot at Ford's Theater.
13th Amendment
Abolishes slavery
14th Amendment
intended to secure rights for former slaves. It includes the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses among others
15th Amendment
Gave black MEN the right to vote.
Sutters Mill
Sutter's Mill is most famous for its association with the California Gold Rush -1849
Comstock Lode
the first major U.S. deposit of silver ore, discovered under what is now Virginia City, Nevada
Promontory Point
Promontory Summit is notable as the location where the United States first Transcontinental Railroad was completed on May 10, 1869, with the driving of the Golden Spike, joining the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads
Reconstruction Acts
Acts that Johnson was against and vetoed, but veto was overridden by congress' 2/3 vote.
Andrew Carnegie
From Scotland.
Well liked, poor errand boy.
Told to put his $ into Pullman Car Co.
Made money and went into Steel.
Reinvented steel process.
Respected philanthropist, and the founder of the Carnegie Steel Company which later became U.S. Steel.
J.P. Morgan
dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation during his time. In 1892 Morgan arranged the merger of Was always rich with a powerful family. Bought Carnegie steel. Repayed NY's debt.
Edison General Electric and Thompson-Houston Electric Company to form General Electric.
1st Billionaire. Invested $500 in oil and got rich.
Gave away a lot of money.
Created Rockefeller Foundation.
Revolutionized the oil industry and defined the structure of modern philanthropy