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Moral Reform
People needed to learn how to live in a good way.
Economic Reform
Making businesses operate their business in a honest way.
Factories / Factory
A building where products are made.
Fair wage
Workers earn money for the work they have done. The workers feel they have been paid a good or fair wage.
Political Reform
Government to help protect the people
Not cheating, stealing or lying.
When people vote for who they want in government.
When a person works to have a new law made.
Voters help to decide the laws they want.
Direct Primary
Voters decide who they want to run for public office.
People who wanted to make life better for all people. They wanted to make changes.
The Reformers were called Progressives (think progress)
Social Reform
Make how we live together better.
Soup Kitchens
Places people went to get free food when they did not have money to buy food.