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Why were Plains Indians dependent on the buffalo?
They were a source of food, shelter and clothing.
What were the conditions of the Homestead Act?
Small fee
160 acres
Must farm
live on land for 5 years
What was the view of the Plains Indians toward land ownership?
Land was for all to use.
Who were the exodusters?
Former slaves,used the Homestead Act to settle on Great Plains.
What was the purpose of the Morrill Act?
It gave land to states to finance land grant colleges.
What brought an end to the open range(wide open frontier)?
barbed wire
What is a long drive? What was the purpose?
Drive cattle to a railroad- get cattle to the east
From whom did American cowboys learn their cattle ranching techniques?
Mexican Vaquaros
Why did the Great Plains farms need to be larger than the eastern farms?
There was a lack of rainfall on the Great Plains
What happened at the Battle of The Little Big Horn? When did it take place?
Sitting Bull defeated Custer om 1876
What was the importance of the Wounded Knee? When did it take place?
1890...It was the last of the Indian Battles
What two railroad companies built the transcontinental railroad? When was it completed?
Union Pacific
Central Pacific
What labor force built the western end of the transcontinental railroad?
What is bimetallism?
Exchange paper money for either gold or silver
Who developed the central electrical power station and electric light bulb?
Thomas Edison
How did the American Federation of Labor differ from other unions?
Union for skilled workers
Why were scabs unpopular wit striking workers?
they were used to break strikes
What was the goal of the Interstate Commerce Act?
regulate Railroad rates
What was the purpose of the Sherman Antitrust Act?
outlawed trusts that restricted trade
What is the goal of collective bargaining?
To win workers rights
Describe the introduction of "standard time"
It was introduced to benefit railroad companies and travelers
How does social darwinism apply to government and big business
It says that government should follow a hands off policy regarding business
Define vertical integration
It is when a company buys out the company that supplies it's parts.
Who had the best jobs in the 1800's?
White males
Describe the American Federation of Labor (AFL)
It was a union of skilled workers
What did Thomas Edison invent
the electric light bulb and the central electrical power station
In what type of business did John D. Rockefeller establish a trust
Petroleum industry
What is the main immigration station in New York called?
Ellis Island
What was Tammany Hall?
A New York political machine
What were the provisions of the Pendelton Civil Service Act?
It required people who applied for a government job to pass an examination
How did white male Americans feel about Asian immigrants?
That Asian's were inferior(not as important as them)
What is the Chinese Exclusion Act?
It was the first act that excluded people from entering the US
What did WEB DuBoise believe?
that racism would end as blacks aquired work skills
What political party did most of the presidents belong to
What was the spoils system?
It gave government jobs to friends and supporters of government workers
What were the Jim Crow laws designed to do?
discriminate against minorites and separate the races of people
What happened in the case Plessy v. Ferguson?
the court ruled that blacks and whites should go to separate but equal schools
What kept African Americans from voting in the South?
poll taxes, literacy tests, grandfather clause
Why was the NAACP founded?
to create business opportunites for all African Americans
What was a Muckraker?
A journalist
What was the primary goal of prohibition?
to stop the use of alcohol
What was significant about the book The Jungle?
It exposed unsanitary conditions in the meat packing industry
What did the Pure Food and Drug Act do?
it required maunfactures to truthfully label their products
Which ammendment ended the battle for women's suffrate?
Which ammendment allowed citizens to vote for their Senator?