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John Smith
Helped save Jamestown was a sea captain, a self-proclaimed soilder-of-fortune, and a poet.
In April of 1607, 150 passengers reached the Virgina coast and claimed the land for themselves and named the settlement Jamestown in honor of the King.
John Rolfe
In 1609 he went to Jamestown and in 1612 he experimented with tobacco and developed the first profitable export, and in 1614 he married Cheif Powhatan's daughter, Pocahantas.
was the leader, or chief, of the Powhatan tribe.
"Brown Gold"
Brown Gold is tobacco, found by John Rolfe in 1612.
headright system
The Virginia Company's policy of granting 50 acres of land to each settler and to each family member.
Indentured servents
a person who has agreed to work for another for a limited period. Often in return for travel expenses, shelter, ect.
royal colony
a colony under the direct control of the English monarch.
Nathaniel Bacon
29 year-old planter, hot-tempered son of a wealthy Englishman.
John Winthrop
a lawyer, the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Judicial review
the Surpreme Court's power to declair an act of Congress unconstitutional
John Marshal
Chief Justice of the U.S. and pricipal founder of the constitutional law and Surpreme Court.
midnight judges
the judges appointed by John Adams in the last hours of his administration.
Little Turtle
Was a cheif of the Miami Tribe.