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took over Russsia and focused on creating a model communist state. he transformed the Soviet Union into a great industrial power
joseph Stallin
established a totalitarian regime in Italy. played on fears of economic collapse and communism
benito Mussolini
similar to Mussolini, lead Nazi party, be ame ruler of Germany
Adolf Hitler
lead a group of spanish army officers to rebel against Spanish Republic. His victory in 1939 established him as Spain's fascist dictator
Francisco Franco
british prime minister, signed the munic agreement with Hitler and
Neville Chamberlain
chamberlain's political rival in Great Britain, believed the munic pact was appeasement, he became Prime Minister, a fighter
Winston Churchill
cheif of Japan's Kwantung Army, launched the invasion into china. he became Prime Minister of japan
Hideki Tojo
Hitlers mistakes
1.Dunkirk->spit fire
2.attacking USSR->fighting on two fronts
3.battle of Britain->air war
Yalta conference->people/when
re-establish conqured nations, idea of UN
Churchill-GB, Roosevelt-US, Stallin-USSR

Feb. 1945
Potsdam Conference-people/when
unconditional surrender of Germany
re-established the 4 zones
Clement Atlee-GB, Stallin-USSR, Truman-US

Aug. 1945
former state depatment official, was accused of spying for the USSR
Alger Hiss
minor activists in the American Communist Party. guilty of espionage and sentenced to death
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
a republican from wisconson that charged that communists were taking over the government to gain speed in the election
Joseph McCarthy
strong anti-communist, wanted brinkmanship
John Foster Dulles
followed Stalin as ruler of USSR, believed communism would take over the world but in peace
Nikita Khrushchev
started Unity League of California -to register Mexican Americans to vote
Ignacio Lopez
leader of CORE
James farmer
mean police leader in Birmingham
led opperation torch, led Operation overlord as a US general, later became US President
Dwight D. "IKE" Eisenhower
these two men led in the liberation of Paris
Omar Bradley and George Patton
the U-2 incident pilot, sentenced to 10 years in prison
Francis Gary Powers
took over for Roosevelt after his death
Harry S. Truman
developed vaccine for the crippling disease polio
Dr. Jonas Salk
news reporter used person to person interviewing, two news shows on tv
first rock'n'roll dj
Alan Freed
after france fell he fled to England where he set up a gov't-in-exile, "France has lost a battle, but France has not lost the war"
Charles de Gaulle
pushed for the formation of WAAC, was the army chief of staff general
George Marshall
nationalist leader of China, supported by US, low moral and weak leadership
Chaing Kai-Shek
communist ruler of China, supported by the USSR, highly motivated leadership, attracted peasants because of promises of land reform
Mao Zedong
mexican workers
worked NAACP and won many supreme court rulings in his favor, became first African-American Supreme Court Justice
Thurgood Marshall
spoke for Mississippi freedom Democratic Party at 1964 Democratic National Convention
Fannie Lou Hamer
leader of SNCC
Stokely Carmichael