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Violated the state law and taught the theory of evolution
John Scopes
First female to swim the English Channel
Helen Wills
Three time presidential nominee; testified as an expert on the Bible
William Jennings Bryan
The "Galloping Ghost"
The Red Grange
Attorney General whose house was targeted by an anarchist bomber
A. Mitchell Palmer
President of the United Mine Workers
John L. Lewis
Won the grand slam of golf in 1930
Bobby Jones
Declared the American people wanted a "return to normalcy"
Warren G. Harding
Secretary of the interior who allowed naval oil reserves to be leased by private companies
Albert Fall
He said "the business of America is business"
Calvin Coolidge
Attorny General who was a member of the Ohio gang
Harry Daughtery
Designed the ford assembly plant in Highland Park and the Rouge complex
Albert Kahn
The most famous baseball hero of the 1920s who hit a record number of homeruns
Babe Ruth
efforts to enact a national anti- lynching law
didn't result in an amendment to the constitution
the palmer raids were associated with the
the restrictive immigration laws of the U.S. discriminated against immigrants from
south and eastern Eroupe
the teapot dome scandal was related to
lease of government oil reserves to private companies
won the famous long count boxing match
Gene Tunny
superb tennis player but had a problem with personal hygeine
Bill Tilden
which amendment gave women the right to vote?
most famous prohibition agents
izzy and Moe
bold young women during 1920s
said there is no right to strike against the public safety by anyone, anywhere...
Calvin Coolidge
legendary football coach for Notre Dame between 1918-1931
Knute Rockne
3 of the popular dances during the 1920s
Big apple
Black bottom
champion swimmer who played tarzan in the movies
Johnny Weismiller
illegal bars
1914 henry ford announced he would pay workers
repealed prohibition
21st amendment
two of the farmers problems after WW1
prices dropped
faced repossesion of equipment
3 causes of the red scare
newspapers blamed communists for the strikes
there were two communist parties in U.S.
italian anarchists who were executed for a robbery and double murder
worst result of prohibition
increase of gangs
3 groups targeted by KKK
3 ways civil rights were violated during the palmer raids
no interperters
bail was too high
the people didn't have lawyers
when coal miners began to strike in nov. 1919 and refused to go back to work the issues were submitted to
who administered the oath of office to Calvin Coolidge
his father
Who did Harding have an affair with?
Nan Britton
coolidge said_______ to a woman who had made a bet that he would say 3 words to her
you lose
best baseball team of all time
1927 NY yankees
completely shut out by Quota Acts
How did the Red Scare die down?
ut was beleved that on May 1 there would be an uproar but there wasn't and red scare ended
Albert Kahn wasn't allowed in the Dearobrn Country club because
he was jewish
Model T
tin lizzie
flapper hairstyle
highlight of scopes monkey trial
william jennings bryan took stand and testified as biblical expert
strohs made during prohibition
ice cream
worked hard to get a law passed to make lynching a federal crime
Maty Mcleod Bethune
after WWI ended many americans wanted to return to a policy of
americans buying habits changed during the 1920s because
they could buy things on credit. they would pay a down payment and a little bit each week
made first solo transatlantic flight May 1927
charles lindbergh