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The Second Great Awakening
Crowds of 20,000
Saved souls and preached of being better
Different denominations, Mormions, Church of Christ
Expanded Baptist and Methodist
What was improved in the Second Great Awakening
prosions, beter care for mentally ill ane handicapped, as well as abolitionism.
People who like the way things used to be, on farms, without industry.
Nature Vs. Civilization. Henry David Thoreau, Whitman and Melville.
Civil Disobedience
Meaning you disagree with the law and willfully disobeying it.
Whitman and Melville
Melville wrote Moby Dick.
Henry David Thoreu
Wrote "Walden and "Civil Disobedience. Called the Father of the Environmental and Civil Rights Movements.
Mentor to Ghandi and Martin Luther King.
perfect society - fix what is wrong and share it with everyone else.
when converted, they shake. Miss Anne Lee was the leader, and the shakers believed that she was the 2nd coming of Christ
Brook Farm
much like the Socialist. Tried to live equally
Oneida Community
praciticed complex mariege.
Miller calculated the end of the world and people believed him.
Dates from this period, withdrawin into communities. PRacitced Paligamy Joseph Smith the leader
Reform Movements
Middle class values, Second Great Awakening, Self Discipline and Self IMprovement
Women are now guardian of morality and home
women upholding family values, rewrite books, cover up all body parts. dont want people to get horny.
Seneca Falls Convention
1840 - 200 women led by SBA, felt that women should be equal. no right to vote, could not own land.
Susan B. Anthony
Leads the women through Senece Falls Convention
Declaration of the Rights of Women.
If blacks would be equal, then women should be equal too.
Asylum movement
Dorethea Dix - helped people understand how bad the mentally ill were being treated.
Education reform
Public Schools, School Boards
Order or Social Control?
Just remember that they are different.
Temperence Movement
Fighting alcohol consumption, Abstinence Goal, Most Successsful, Only Reform in the South.
stop the booze, Abolition it.Activists see their goal achieved until Prohibition.
The American Colonization Society
Established in 1819 by Southerners. Purpose was to have government by slaves and shipp them out of US.
Capital named Monroiva - In Northwest Africa, target desitionation. Only 1400 settled here. Too expensive though.
Fredrick Douglas
Most famous abolitionist Great writer, editor and Orator. Helps inform people. Want people to stand up and speak! Forms anti-slavery soxcieties
William Loyd Garrison
Made the Libetaor Newspaper.
Liberator Newspaper
Garrison believes in full racial equality. slavery is a sin. Dessent leads to the beginning of the womens movement.
The Underground Railroad
Helps runaway slaves go North. Harriet Tubman helped lead them. she got about 350 out.
Free Soilers
slavery is in some places, leave it there. do not let it ezpand though.
North - Business and Trade
South - Plantation Agriculture
West - Fronter
The North
Growing Population, Urbanization and Industry and Trade.
9/10 going to the North because of jobs.
people learning how to do a specific skill.
On The Clock
more people on the clock now, must be on time.
factories creating new things. Poeple have more money to buy things ith.
The Old South
Cash Crops, Plantation, Slavery and Yoeman Farmers
Cash Crops
Tobacco, sugar, rice, indigo. Cotton was the main one.
Plantations domination
Elite people own them. County Judge, Governors.
Yoeman Farmers
a majority - non slave owners
Cotton Gin and Railroads
Push states Growth
King Cotton
Southerners, Cotton is King. Price of cotton has been high for so long, only can grow in deep south.
Life as a slave
No legal rights, Violence, Exploitation, Physcological abuse, Families Split.
Ways to hurt slaves, helped keep slaves obedient.
Runanwys, sabotage, ignorance and rebellions.
Nat Turners Revolt - 1831
most famous slave revolt. kills about 50 white southerners. They skin Turner and Cut his head off. 200 other slaves killed, scares many slaves
Arguements on why to keep slavery
Biblical, Inferiority, Better than Factory workers
Gag Rule
Southern Senators would take it off the discussion, no slave talk.