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Battle of Bull Run
Fight over a railroad junction, Stonewall Jackson Rallies the Confederates at Bull Run to win. South has best officers but outnumbered by Union.
Abraham Lincoln - Union Leader
Lincoln doestn know about War but goes to the library to read up on it.
Jefferson Davis
West Point Graduate, military man. Tried to run things for his officers.
Anaconda Plan
blockade - union has navy patrol the waters.
Border States?
All border states stay with the Union
Much Better rifles, minball bullets. The south makes the first Submarine. Steel Ships
Genereal George MecClellan
Army of the Potomac - defend washington
Monitor vs. Merrimack
Ironclad Ship battle Union will caputre the harebor at Norfolk in the zsouth.
Monitor - North - Merrimack - South
Battle of Shiloh - 1862 - West
Grant was almost pushed out on the first day into the Tennesse River. Second day Union pushes the South badck. IN 2 days 23,000 people die.
General Ulysses S. Grant
Trained soldier from West Point. Mostly failed in everything he did.
Army of Northern Virginia
Southern Army to protect the cpital.
General Robert E. Lee
Offered US Job, declined because he wanted to be loyal to his state. Opposed to slavery, does not own any slaves.
Genereal Stonewall Jackson
Lee's right hand man
Battle of Antietam - 1862
Union private found a guitar case of the entire Southern Plan. McClellan does a great job in stopping them, had chance to end it, but blew it. HE was then fired. Most Bloodiest war ever. 23,000 people die in one day.
Emancipation Proclimation - 1863
Lincoln frees the slaves. Antietam helps this. Many runaways will join the Army. Prevents British, French or Spanish joining the army to help the South.
Draft Law - kind of thing that the Souther rebeled against. North would also have a draft law. $300 could buy your way out of the draft.
Clara Barton
famous female nurse. Founder of the Red Cross.
name given to anti-war democrats. Given by Republicans
Draft Riots
violent riots. Rich man can buy their way out of war. North gets first income tax.
Soldiers Life
Die of Disease. Can these men survive? Technology.
Cancellorsville - 1863
Robert E. Lee almost crushes the Army of the Potomac.
July 4th, 1863
Gettysburg and Vicksburg battles
junction of rail lines. Armies stumble into each other. Lee sends the last of his men in Pickets Charge. They get murdered. 15,00 men wiped out. Most studied battle in history
General Grant took out the last Confederate Fort in Vicksburg and poinds it to death.
Stonewall killed
Stonewall is shot by his own men on the way back from Chancellorsville
General William T. Sherman
Sherman is the right hand man of Grant. Grant tells Sherman to take Atlanta. Burn everything. Also go to Savannah and burn Charleston
The Fall of Atlanta
opens the South and occurs rigfht before the Presidency in 1864. Lincoln Gets elected. South now realize the war is over.
Vice President Andrew Johnson
Johnson was the only Southern Senator that remained loyal to the Union. Lincoln needs the votes in Tenessee to iwn and Andrew Johnson is the Senator there.
Republicans win the Election of 1864
Republicans win all over the country. Radical Republicans. Want to give blacks equal rights
Thirteenth Amendment
Abolishes slavery for good. End result of the Emancipation Proclimation
Sherman March to the Sea
wall of soldiers burning everything to the Atlantic.
Petersburg Siege
Attrition, if we kill them all, we win. Slowly destroy the enemty.
Surrender at Appomatox Court House - April 9th 1865
Lee finds a train of guns instead of food and calls it quits.
Assassination of Lincoln
April 14th, 1865, John Wilkes Booth
Wars Impact
620,000 dead. South Devistated, North Dominant. No more secession.
what new rules will the new states have? what would replace slavery?
Ten Percent Plan - Lincoln
If 10% would vote to be a state, then they would be let back in
Radical Republicans
President Johns does not have the view of Lincoln. IDdnt think the ten percent plan would punish the South.
President Andrew Johnson
from the South. Doesnt like blacks. Not very bright man. hated slave power and plantation owner.
Presidential Reconstruction
Starts handing out pardons, left and right. Does not support any activity to help the free men at all.
Split between Congress and Johnson
South starts passing black codes, Republican Radicals go to war with Johnon. Congress crushes Johnson.
Congress Reconstruction
Congress takes over Military Control in the South.
14th Amendment
Gurauntees the slaves citizenship for the free population
Charles Sumener and Thaddeus Stevens
2 most famous Senators. Stevens is so dedicated to black equality that he marries a black woman.
insult to any southerner who participates, tratior to the white race.
people who came from the North to the South. Teachers to teach free population for free. Speculators
Lost Cause
South believed that their cause was the noble one. If they could have had one more battle maybe they could havewon.
Freedmens Bureau
Tries to help the free population. Education, read and write, land.
replaces slavery - blacks would sign contracts to pick cotton.
Impeachment of Johnson
Congress puts Johnson on Trial for crim. Survived by one vote.
US Grant Elected - 1878
defends the rights of blacks
Black Codes
lawas that were designated to widdle away at the rights of blacks
15th Amendment
forbids a state of denying the right for blacks to vote.
Post War Corruption
MS Plan, Black codes, violence, use of law and terror to put th South back the way it was.
white supremecy, founded by ex-confederates
Redemption of Southern States
states are no back under white governments. Democratic control of the Southe
Compromise of 1877
made by Rutheford Hayes. Hayes would win the Election as long as Republican troops were removed from the South.