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What is Gradual Emancipation?
Gradual Emancipation is something that only happened in the north. After a slave turned 30, they were freed. People worked around Gradual Emancipation by selling their slaves to the south once their slaves were 29.
What are the Federalists?
Group in favor of the new federal constitution in the 1780s. This group was made up of the more wealthy and educated classes in the cities and larger states. (George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton)
What are the Anti-Federalists?
Group that would argue against the proposed new federal constitution in 1780s. This group feared a large national government and was made up of persons mostly from smaller states, and farmers who resented the political elite in cities. (Thomas Jefferson.)
What is the Virginia Plan?
“The large state or federalist plan” – Congress would have two houses (Bicameral). The numbers of representatives in each house was to be determined by the states’ populations. The Lower house was to be selected by voters. Then the lower house would appoint members of the upper house who would select the executive (president) and judges (supreme court).
What is the New Jersey Plan?
“Small states or anti-federalist plan” – Congress would be single house, which appointed an executive committee, and a high court. Each state would have 1 member each in congress. This plan did give some new powers to the government including the power to tax, and the power to regulate commerce.
What are the articles of confederation?
Plan that established, in 1781, a limited nation government in the United States, later replaced by the Constitution of the United States.
What is the, "Great Compromise?"
- Provided a plan to structure the government.
- 2 Part Congress (Law has to go through both)
1) House of Representatives
- Directly elected by voters
-# Of Representatives  Determined by state population (More people = more representatives)

2) Senate: Equal votes per states
- Appointed by state government
- Executive (President) elected by electoral college. Same # of electors as reps in house.
[Significance] Then: Favored federalists, large states, slave states.
Now: Model of current government.
What is the 3/5ths Compromise?
It was a compromise the north and south made on how much a slave should count towards population wise. It was decided slaves shall be worth 3/5ths a person.

Sig. Then- Section devide over slavery. Allowed south to dominate politics.

Now- Negative light on constitution.
What is the first Amendment?
The first amendment protects the people's core freedoms. These freedoms are the freedom to petition, assembly, religion, press, and speech.
What is the second Amendment?
The second amendment is the right to bear arms. The states can keep a militia for their own prive protection.
What is the third Amendment?
The third amendment is the no quatering amendment. The military may not have soldiers stay in people homes at a time of war without the homeowners consent.
What is the fourth Amendment?
The fourth amendment is the protection from search and siezure. Nobodies home may be searched without probable cause and without a warrant. People have the right to be safe within their house unless they give reason for it to be searched. You may be searched if you give the police probable cause.
What is the fifth Amendment?
A person can't be tried for a serious crime if they haven't been charged with the crime by a grand jury. A person will not, and can not be charged for a crime twice. The person does not have to answer any question in a government gathering if the answer to that question could lead to their prosectuion. the government may seize private property but they must reimburse the owner with a fair amount of money for the land they took
What is the sixth Amendment?
If someone is accused of a crime then they have the right to be heard in court and to have an unbiased jury decide whether they are guilty or not. In court, they have the right to cross examine any witnesses who are against them and have an attorny defending them. The accused cannot be charged for a crime without being informed what that crime is.
What is the seventh Amendment?
In a civil case disputed over 20$ has the right to a trial by jury. If both parties do not want a trial by jury they can have a bench trial which is a trial without jury, just a judge.
What is the eighth Amendment?
A person on trial for a crime might be required to leave money with the court to assure they return. The amount of money is relative to the crime they commited. The punishement should match the crime
What is the ninth Amendment?
The constitution is meant to protect rights, not to be twisted and changed to infringe on others rights
What is the tenth Amendment?
For all the powers that the constitution does not give to the national government, those powers are reserved for the state or the people of that State.
Who wrote, "The Jungle?"
Uptonson Clair
What did Federalists want?
A new national government.
What is the most influential legacy of the anti-fedaralists?
The bill of rights.
Who was Terrance Powderly?
Terrance Powderly founded the unskilled workers union. Knights of labor.
What did Teddy Rossevelt call Ida Tarbell which she resented?
He called her a muck raker.
What amendment did Plessy use to challenge the seperate but equal law?
The fourteenth amendment.
What do you need to be to join the AFL?
White, skilled, and male.
Who developed steel and vertical consolidation?
Andrew Carnegie
What does Grange mean?
Patrons of Husbandry
What is the Great Migration?
The geat migration was between 1915-1920, during the world war 1 era. It was when there was a need for workers in northern cities because so many people were off fighting the wars. African americans moved north to fill industrial jobs. Triggered racial tension in north- jobs, housing.
What is tyhe espionage and sedition act?
The espionage and sedition act took place between 1917-1918 in the U.S.A. It was the U.S Government and the antiwar activist labor groups. The espionage act made it a crime to interfere with the draft, sales of war loans, or the war in general. The sedition act made it a crime to publically criticize the war. It was meant to crush socialist groups. It was the start of the 1920's red scare (fear of socialism and foreign ideas.") Even today you can still see a continued pattern of restrictions on civil rights during war time in the united states.
What are the Fourteen Points?
The fourteen points were created by woodrow wilson in 1919 at the end of world war 1. The fourteen points was meant for the U.S and the european leaders. It was Wilson's post war plan for peace and order. The fourteen points spread democracy and broke up empires, created rules for international conduct, made it illeagal to keep a secret alliance, reduced arms levels, and made free trade. In the end leauge of nations was created which the U.S did not join.
What is the Jones Act?
The U.S granted local control to the Philippines. Granted local control to Puerto Rico and U.S citizenship. Apology to columbia and gave money.
What is the election of 1912?
When: 1912
Where: U.S.A
Who: Taft - Republican
Teddy Roosevelt - Progressive Party
Eugene Debs - Socialist
Woodrow Wilson - Democrat
What: The issues were..
-Foreign policy
-Progressive reforms. (continue? expand? stop?).
Wilson won the election.
The outcome was a pressure to continue progressive reform. It was the high point of the progressive reform and shaped the majoy parties directions. It was also the first "modern" election,
What is the Panama Canal?
Who? - Teddy Roosevelt, USA, Columbia, Panama
When? - Columbia -> Panama
What? - U.S was expanding power and trade in Americas and world. There was a desire for the canal. U.S offered colu
What was Teddy Roosevelts Corollary to the Monroe doctrine?
(1820) Latin america is closed to European colonization. U.S has the right and durty to act as "policeman for civilization" in America.
What is the White Mans burden?
Who: Poet Rudyard Kipling and the U.S Public.
When: 1870-1920...
Where: USA -> World
What: Background: View of successfull "missionary efforts to 'help' natives [Dawes Act]
Ideology: American "duty" to civilize the less advanced races worldwide.
Icey support for U.S expansion
Provided a rational for U.s Expansion. It's roots lie in Manifest destiny and the Master Race Ideology. Elements of U.S role in world are shaped by past roots.
What was the Crisis with Spain?
Spain was losing control of colonies. In 1895 there was a revolt in cuba against spain. The U.S public had sympathy for cuba. In 1898 there was a brutal spanish response to the Cuban uprising (+200000 deaths).
What was the Maine?
Who: President Mckinley - Republican , Spain, Cuban, + U.S Sailors
Where - Havana Harbor, Cuba
When - 1898
What - Mckinley sent The Maine to Havana to protect U.S buisness interests from violence.
The maine exploded and 226 died. The press blamed spain for the explosion and there was a movement for war. U.S declared wat on spain in april 1898. U.S gained Cuba, Philippines and Puerto Rico. These actions eased tension and set off a debate over U.S imperialism. Today there is still a debate over U.S role in the world.
What is the Dawes Act?
When: 1887
Where: Native American preservation land midwest U.S
What: Background - U.S Govt. wants to Americanize the Native Americans break-up tribes.
Event: Federal laws, requiring tribes to break up. Giving up tribal membership would result in the head male and family recieving 160 acres of land and U.S citizenship. The land was split up and unclaimed land was sold to white settlers.
Americinization movement in U.S. Give up heritage and become U.S citizen.