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How was the United States able to overcome the threat of German U-boats?
Convoy System:
smaller boats surround the bigger battle ships in a diamond shaped pattern to prevent submarine attacks
What nations did the "Big Four" represent?
United States, Italy, Great Britain, and France
What did Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer say was "eating its way into the homes of the American Workman, its sharp tongues... licking at the altars of the churches?
Name some of Wilson's 14 points:
Wilson wanted each country to rule themselves (autonomy), no secret treaties, reduce arms, freedom of the seas, no economic barriers, League of Nations, all colonies give up territorial claims
What major country does not join the League of Nations and why?
The United States: Congress didn't want to because they didn't want America to fight another person's war
Why did many people believe that Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were executed?
People believed that they were anarchists and that they were Italian Immigrants
What was the main reason for Urban Sprawl?
The automobile
Flapper Girl Characteristics:
short hair, smoked, drank, danced, partied, short dresses, went against conventional expectations of a woman
What was the date of Black Tuesday
October 29, 1929
On Black Tuesday were there more buyers or sellers?
What were Shantytowns sometimes referred to?
What was the Harlem Renaissance?
An awakening of literary and artistic celebrations of black culture
Who was John T. Scopes?
A high school teacher who wanted to teach evolution
What was the Teapot Dome Scandal?
when the secretary of interior secretly leased valuable land to private companies to drill for oil in exchange for loans, bonds, and cash.
What was the 18th Amendment and why was it hard to enforce?
Prohibition- it was hard to enforce because there was little money to pay supervisors to enforce it, and people, for the first time, began to disregard the law
Why did Roosevelt declare the Bank Holiday?
Roosevelt wants to have the bank regain strength and allow for the banks to get more money for people as well as allow time for inspection to create regulation among all banks
What caused the agricultural crisis (Dust Bowl)?
drought and the over production of the soil caused for the soil to become depleted of its nutrients
What were Roosevelt's Fireside Chats?:
A radio talk that talked about how he was going to implement the new deal, as well as a way for him to connect with the people and address their fears towards the time
What event pulls the US out of the depression?
The attack of Pearl Harbor
The invasion of this country causes Great Britain and France to go to war with Germany:
Who signed the non-agression pact?
Russia and Germany signed a non-agression pact in 1939
What was the policy of appeasement?
Britain and France allowed Germany to have Czecholovakia to avoid war
Name the dictator who overthrew the Spain:
Francisco Franco
What was the single event that sparks WWI?
The assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand
Top secret plan project used to build the atomic bomb:
The Manhattan Project
Which group of men is credited with helping keep Japan from understanding key allied information?
The Navajo code talkers
This was a joint statement between Roosevelt and Churchill declaring arms of WWII:
The Atlantic Charter --> U.S. said that it was just a matter of time before we would get involved
Name reasons for WWI:
imperialism, nationalism, secret treaties, militarism
Why did Germany Surrender?:
Naval forces were overthrowing leaders, Germany had an internal overthrow of Kaiser, loss of supplies/resources
How did the KKK increase in people?:
They used propoganda as well as expanded the groups of people that they hated. By including Jewish people, catholics, black people, etc. more people joined. People in the KKK who recruited got money for each person who joined.
what was buying stock on the margin?
buying stocks with loans
Truman Doctrine:
gave 4 million dollars to Turkey and Greece so that they don't convert to communism
What new deal programs are still being used today?
Social Security Act, FDIC (federal deposit insurance company) <-- no bank failure, fair labor standards act
What was the Great Migration?
Hundreds of thousands of southern blacks moved to cities in the North
What was a significant cause of the Great Depression of the 1930's?
the Stock Market Crash
What did Herbert Hoover do to fight the Great Depression?
He created funds for public works projects and encouraged business leaders not to lay people off
What government legislation was most directly responsible for creating new jobs and putting people to work?
Works Progress Administration
Took control of Russia and focused on creating a model communist state
prime minister of Great Britain throughout most of WWII
effective, reform-minded leader