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Bureau fo Indian Affairs
Governmant agency charged with caring for the Indians
Assimilated-into white culture
Mixed into
Dawes Act
It tried to speed up the "Americanization" of the Indians.
Railroad shipping stations
Long Drive
The movement of cattle north from Texas.
A migration of poor southern blacks to the West in 1879
Homestead Act
Offered 1600 acres of land free to any American citizen over 21 and head of family.
Dry Farming
Practice designed to gain the most value from every rainfall.
Thickly matted soil.
Bonanza Farmsd
Large farms financed by outside capital.
Placer Mining
Mining the deposits of a stream bed.
Quartz Mining
Blasting rock from a mountainside and then crushing it to seperate gold from rock.
Log Drive
Logs are floated downstream to a sawmill.
Turner thesis
Claimed that the frontier had distinguished the United States from Europe.
Dime Novels
Cheap and plentiful books from fiction writers after the Civil War.
National Park Service
Government agency to run protected land areas.
The preservation and wise uses of the nation's natural resources.