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Napolean Bonaparte
Brilliant General, Leader of France. Won more battles than any other general. Very big rise and fall. Took over Spain and compelled them to give him back the Louisiana Territory
Waterloo - 1815
Puts an end to Napoleans career. Spends the rest of his time secluded on an island.
Slave Rebellion in Haiti
Napolean sent 30,000 men to subdue this rebellion. They were not succssful. Yellow fever kills 90% of the French Soldiers
Toussaint L"Ouverture
ancient George Washington of Haiti
Louisiana Purchase - 1803
US wants to buy New Orlenas but is offered Louisiana. $15 million. Unauthorized purchase.
Jefferson bends principles
The purchase was not legl, but not unconstitutional. Napolean needed the money bad. Only spanish lands remain now. No british or French.
The Burr/Hamilton Duel in Weehoken, NJ.
Meet in NJ because its illegal to duel in NY.Burr and Hamilton get in a duel, Burr Wins.
Northern Confederacy
Federalists in the north were losing power, New England and New York would for this.
Hamiltons view
Hamilton does not want any part of the Federalist rebellion. Burr wanted to run for governor of NY and take the Union. Hamilton will not have this, leads to duel.
American Sailors kidnapped by Brits. Both Britain and france attack american ships.
Jefferson Embargo Boycott
Jefferson advised that he will not trade with Britain.
Embargo Act
American ships cannot leave to go trade. Now we are trading with anyone really.
Assimilate or move West
Indians would need to fit in or leave.
Tucemseh and the Prophet Stir Revolt
They wanted to get rid of alcohol and things that ruined their ways. Wants to unite all tribes in resistance.
Battle of Tippecanoe
The Prophet and rest of tribe are destroyed by William Henry Harrison and troops. Britain blamed for stirring up troops
William Henry Harrison
Defeated the Prophet in the Battle of Tippecanoe
James Madision
President in 1808. Madison is father of the constitution.
War Hawks - Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun
means that you want a war with Britain. Impressment is the reason
Why fight the war?
We hav no army or navy so why tryi to fight? British want to take our independence
War of 1812
We invade Canada and burn houses of Parliament. Not much achieved.
Napolean and British
British make peace with Napolean and come to America. Burns Washington to the ground then attacks Baltimore
Fort McKinley
British Crack the gates of the fort in Baltimore
Francis Scott Key
American lawyer was on British ships trying to get someone off. When he awoke, the flag was still standing. Star Spangled Banner.
Treaty of Gent
signed between the British and the US to finish this war
Battle of New Orleans
Biggest and last battle of this war. Faught 3 weeks after the treaty was signed.
Andrew Jackson
Defeats the best the British have in New Orleans.
Results of war
British are gone from Grat lakes area. Indians lose benifactors
We now control New Orleans and Mississippi
We proved, once again that we could hold our own
The war Destroyed the Federalist party - Norther Confederacy who talked of leaving the union.
Between 1800 and 1818
US doubled its size, Won international respect. Witnessed the emergence of a strong confident nation.
Era of Good Feelings
Only one political party.
James Monroe - 1816 - 1824
Federalist collapses
A new nationalism
Devotion to the interests or culture of our nation.
nationalism only on surface, exaggerated devition to regional or local interests.
Migration West
large amount of migratio moving west, fill in all the states to the Misssissippi. land was 0.25/acre.
Robert Fulton
created the steamboat. Did not invent it, a frenchman did.
The Eeire Canal - Clintons Ditch
People mocked Gov. Clinton for ths. tolls payed off this canal big time. connects New York to the west by water. Will help chicago grow and prosper.
dominant form of travel. Called the "iron horse". Would be the key to the growth of the US
Invented by Samuel Morse.
Samuel Morse
invents morse code, a series of dots and sahses.
Communication revolutio
Telegraph, Mechanical printing press and Postal Service.
Everything is now cheaper and made in larger quantities.
Eli Whitney
invented interchangeable parts. Created spare parts - mass production of everything.
Textile Industry
first industry - cloth. Begins in northeast New England. Women would be used at first, but immigrating men would be cheaper.
First Powered MIll
Samuel Slater - 1790 in Rhode Island
Cotton Gin
Eli Whitney - 1793 - the growing of cotton increses in the South, Slavery grows. Cleaned the cotton for you.
Lowell Steals the Power Loom
Goes to britain and steals it in 1810. Memorizes it and returns.
American system of production
Merchanization, standardization and mass production
Lowell, Massachusetts.
Town of Factoris. Many cotton mills.
New Nationalism
Led by Henry Clay, Jon C. Calhoun and Daniel Webster. War Hawks, now encouraging growth of America.
The American System
High Tariff and Internal Improvement
High Tariff
Tax on imports. Now everyone will buy American because they wont be taxed.
Florida 1819
Andrew Jackson invades Florida against orders. Spain cedes Florida
Texas and Spain
Spain will have the right to Texas, because we get Florida.
Rush/Bagot Treaty - 1817
England removes navy from great lakes. Joint occupation of Oregon Territory
49th Parrallel
Boundary between us and canada. Finally peace w/ Britain. Longest lasting border.