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what happened to the population post-World War II
Population soared
What two places were admitted as states?
Hawaii and Alaska
Why did people move south and west?
Creation of Air Conditioning
In 1963 which state passed New York in population?
Because of heavier and more powerful cars, in 1970 gas consumption reached
92 billion gallons
What new bussiness opened for auto travelers?
the motel industry
In 1956, what helped increase mobility
The Ike Super Interstate Highway
What increased mobility in 1958
the Seattle built Boeing 707 jetliner
By 1961, how many Tv sets were receiving transmittions from how many stations?
55 million tvs, 530 stations
What was the prime medium for advertising
in 1963, what sent transmittions to other countries?
the telstar satilight
what media did the tv cover?
national conventions, inaugurations, Kennedy assassination, Government campians, etc
who said tv was a "vast wasteland" of serials, variety shows, quiz programs, and reruns of old movies>
FCC's Newton Minow
Post war (50's) what class increased
middle class
In the 50's, what happened to the percentage of immigrants
In the 50's, why did the persentage of immigrates decline?
social and cultural uniformity. the income of industrial workers rose and more fringe benefits became available
what two labor unions combinded in 1955?
AFL and CIO.
why did the 2 labor unions combine?
to preserve what rights they had rather than to gain new ones
what workers joined the ranks of middle class and entered the suburbs
blue-collar workers
What happened to religion post war?
there was a huge religous Boom
What did surveys in post war times show about american people and religion
nearly all americans believed in God, but many were igorant of religious history and doctrine
What did the GI Bill do for people
Introduced young adults to new ideas and made more people tolerant of the beliefs of others
What appeared to be between religous liberals and religious conservatives
an "education gap"
Who played a major role in promoting the civil rights movement
The churches
what did feminists demand of the churches
female ministers and priests
what sent shockwaves through the religious community
cohabitation, homosexuality, pornography and legalized abortion
1981 what did the Supreme Court reject?
Reject teaching Darwinism in schools and just teaching "creation theory"
Who stressed interdenominal coorperation?
Billy Graham
By 1970's a new wave of tv did what?
preached religios, political, social and moral conservatism
Who were two of the tv preachers?
Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson
Who wrote "The Naked and the Dead"?
Norman Mailer
Who wrote "From Here to Eternity"?
James Jones
Who wrote "Cather in the Rye"?
J.D. Salinger
Who wrote "Catch 22", which denounced warfare?
Joseph Heller
who wrote "on the Road"?
Jack Kerouac
Who was the Beat author in which Beatnik's followed?
Jack Kerouac
What did Jack Kerouac reject?
materialist values
What was Jack Kerouac obessed with?
violence, perversion and madness
What happened to the interest in reading, particulary paperbacks, with the population of tv?
Interest in reading continued
How were Post World War II writers compaired to Post World War I writers
Post World War II writers were worse
Who was famous for "Pop Art"?
Andy Warhall
Who wrote "The Victum"?
Sal Bellow
What was abstract expressionism?
Art which stressed the "unconscious"
Who was a leading Post WWII artist?
Jack Pallock
What was wrong with abstract expressionism?
Requires too much verbal explanation to communicate to the average observer
What is the first of the two dilemmas did the nation seem to face in the 1960's?
That progress could be self-defeating (DDT) and that foreign policies geared to prevent war lead to new wars.
In the 60's what does the generation turn in to?
The "me" generation
What is the start of the 60's rebellion?
Youngsters rejected perental advice
What is the second dilemma faced by the nation in the 60's?
That the modern industrial Society placed too much emphasis on social cooperation and undermined the individual
Although the US was the most powerful nation in the 60's it was unable to...
Mobilize its resources intelligetly to confront obvious challenges
What amount did the GNP approach?
$1 trillion
What happened with inflation?
Went up which put workers under constant pressure to demand wage hikes which caused the prices to go up
What interests did workers put first?
Their own before the whole
Who began to strike after inflation?
public workers
What industries did technological improvements bring about?
The plastic and electronic industries
What did scientist manufacture electricity from in 1951?
Nuclear fuels
In 1954 what sub became the first ship powered by atomic energy
the Nautilus
What did computers help do?
collect and store records, solve mathematical problems, and accelerate the work of bank tellers, librarians and tax collecters.
What was the down side of the new technology
Petroleum released pollutants. Increased use of paper and plastics threatened to bury the nation in trash and Fertilizers washed into streams and destroyed acquatic life
What did the Great Society programs not do?
They did not produce the promised racial peace and social harmony
Malcom X was assassinated by who and why?
He was assassinated by a group of black Muslims because Malcom X called for an outreach to whites
What organization was started in 64?
The Organization of Afro-American Union
Who launched the campain to force Alabama authorities to allow blacks to register to vote?
Maritn Luther King Jr
In 1965, what spurred the passage of the Voting Rights Act?
The Selma-Montgomery March
Who said whites could not relate to the black experience and endorsed black seperatism?
Stokely Carmichael of the Student Nonviolent Cooridinating Committee
Where were the urban riots talking place?
from Watts, Los Angeles to Newmark, New Jersey
In 1967 what was special about the riot in Detroit
It rivialed the "Motor City Riot" of 1943 and ended in43 deaths
What happened in April 1968?
Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated by James Earl Ray
What happened because of Martin Luther King Jr's assassination
Blacks unleashed their anger by burning and looting a hundred cities
What commission found that their was "white Racism"
Illinois commission chaired by Governor Otto Kerner
What did missle-class whites do to escape urban tensions?
Move to the suburbs or call on police to "maintain law and order"
Along with blacks, who also struggled for equality?
Millions of Mexican-Americans in the Southwest
What are "Braceros"?
Temporary farm workers. The importation of them was encouraged after WWII
What were "Barrios"?
Cities where illegals setteled and where low-paying but steady work could be found
What did the "Chicanos" demand?
Political, social, economic, and educational improvments
Who organized migrant farm workers into unions?
Cesar Chavez
In 1965 what did Chavez launch a boycott on?
What did Indian militants form and why?
The American Indian Movement to demand self-determination, the return of lands and the revival of tribal culture
In 1973 what town did Indian racials occupy?
Wounded Knee
What did the Indian Self-Determination Act of 75 do?
Gave tribes greater control over education, welfare programs, and law enforcement.
Who is the first black to serve on the Supreme Court?
Thurgood Marshall
Who is the first black senator since Reconstruction, elected in 1967 by Massachusetts?
Edward Brooke
What cities elected black mayors?
NYC, Philadelphia, LA, Atlanta
Who broke the black barrier in baseball?
Jackie Robinson
What two boxers attracted fans of both races?
Joe Lewis and Muhammad Ali
What was the resoulte of the "progressive education"
It was producing poor work habits, fuzzy thinking, and plain ignorance
What did the Former President of Havard James B. Conant flay the schools for?
Neglecting foreign languages, ignoring the needs of the brightest and the slowest, and for not effectively teaching English grammer and composition
What did James B. Conant urge?
For teacher's college to emphasize subject matter over educational methodology in their curricula
What spurred a renewed interest in math and science and the passage of the National Defense Education Act of 58?
The sucess of the Soviet "Sputnik"
What was the cause of the increase in college enrollment?
Population growth and demand for specialized skills
What was built to fill the gap between high school and college?
Two-year junoir college
By the 60's what where the students revolting against?
established trends in politics, economics, and education.
Who trained the students that revolted in the 60's?
Their teachers who were New Deal Liberals
What did the revolting students of the 60's resent?
The materail comforts that the modern industrial society had provided for them because it made them felt guilty.
What did regard Poverty, Atomic Weapons and racial prejuduice as?
intolerable and evil