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A devotion to the intrests and culture of one's nation
The development of armed forces and their use as a tool of diplomacy
Consited of France, Britian, and Russia, The triple _____ consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy
Centeral Powers
An empire of mostly Middle Eastern lands controlled by the Turks
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
heir to the Austrian throne started the Civil War
No Man's Land
a barren expanse of mud pockmarked with shell craters and filled with barbed wire
Trench Warfare
which armies fought for mere yards of ground
a U-boat off the southern coast of ireland
Zimmermann Note
a telegram from the german foreign minister to the german embassador in mexico that was intercepted by british agents
Eddie Rickenbacker
famous fighter pilot of World war 1
Selective service act
requiered men to register witht he governament in order to be randomly selected for military service
convoy system
in which a heavy guard of destroyers escorted merchant ships back and forth across the atlantic in groups
american expeditionary force
included men from widely seperated parts of the country (doughboys)
General john J. pershing
led the american expeditionary force
Alivin York
became famous as one of america's greatest war heroes
Conscientious objector
a person who opposes warfare on moral grounds
truce that ended the war
war industries board
main regulatory body
Bernard M. Baruch
a prosperous businessman that helped establish the WIB
Twisting words
George Creel
The head of the CPI was a former muckraking journalist
Espionage and Sedition Acts
a person could be fined up to 10,000 and sentenced up to 20 years in jail for interfering witht he war effort or for saying anything disloyal
Great Migration
the large-scale movement of hundreds of thousands of southern blacks to cities in the north
Fourteen Points
the principles making up president woodrow wilson's plan for world peace following world war 1
League of Nations
an association of nations established in 1920 to promote international cooperation and peace
Georges Clemenceau
lived through two german invasionso of france and was determined to prevent future invasions
David Lloyd George
the british prime minister had just won reelection on the slogan "make germany pay"
Treaty of Versailles
established nine new nations
War Damages
War-guilt clause
forced germany to admit sole responsibility for starting world war 1
Henry Cabot Lodge
were suspicious of the provision for joint economic and military action against aggresion