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group that advises the president, heads of the executive departments
private businesses , run most industries
strict construction
narrowly interpreting the Constitution gov can only do what the Constitution specifically allows
loose construction
gov can do anything the Constitution does not specifically forbid
Bill of Rights
the first 10 amendments
Judiciary Act of 1789
established a federal district court for each state
Alexander Hamilton
secretary of the treasury
Bank of the United States
central bank w/branches in major US cities
Whiskey Rebellion
Congress put a tax on whiskey knowing that the farmers wouldn't pay it They wanted to set an example of their power
Little Turtle
commander of the Indian nations that joined to protect their homes
Anthony Wayne
organized and led the forces that protected the frontier
Battle of Fallen Timbers
the confederation clashed with Wayne's army
Treaty of Greenville
gave US the title to Indian lands in presed day Indiana and Ohio Indians received $20,000 in goods