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William Mcadoo
secretary of the treasury and Wilson's son-in-law
Food Administration
encourged increased agricultural production & the conservation of existing food supplies
Herbert Hoover
a mining engineer who headed the Food Administration
War Industries Board
allocated scarce goods, established production priorities & set prices on goods
Bernard Baruch
a Wall Street investor who directed the War Industries Board
National War Labor Board
created to settle disputes between workers and employers
Harriot Stanton Blatch
headed the Food Adminstration Speakers Bureau
Juliette Gordon Low
founded the Girl Guides
(Girl Scouts)
Great Migration
mass migration of African Americans to the Northern US after WWII
Committee on Public Information
agency created to increase public support for WWI
Espionage Act
Federal law that outlawed acts of treason
Sedition Act
Federal law that made written criticism of the government a crime