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Northern Republicans who moved to the South suring Reconstruction
name that former Confederates gave to southern Republicans during Reconstruction
Ku Klux Klan
secret society created by former Confederates that used terror and violence to keep African American from obtaining Civil Rights
Enforcement Acts
3 acts passed by Congress allowing the gov. to use military force to stop violence against Southern African American
Panic of 1873
US economic depression that weakened the Republicans focus on Reconstruction
Civil Rights Act of 1873
law that prohibited businesses that served the public from discriminating against African American
Democratic supporters of white controlled governments in the South in the 1870's
Samuel J Tilden
Democrat who ran against Hayes and lost
Rutherford B Hayes
Republican who ran against Tilden and won
Compromise of 1877
settled the election of 1876 Democrat agreed to accept Hayes as president in return for the removal of federal troops