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Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Him and his wife were assassinated, which started the Great War.
John J. Pershing
He commanded the American Expeditionary Force.
Selective Service Act
This act increased the amount of soliders that were in the regular army.
Italy was a neutral country till when?
1915: when they joined the Allies.
What was important about the Somme Battle?
It claimed more then a million casualties.
What made Great Britain declare war on Germany in 1914?
German troops went through neutral Belgium on their way to France.
How did the 1918 Sedition Act & 1917 Espionage Act have in comman?
They both helped unify people with the war effort by they outlawed obstructing & speaking out for the war.
In 1915 what made United States & Germany's relation bad?
When German submarines sunk & attacked the British Lusitania ship.
Some United States senators didn't like the League of Nations because?
They thought that it would make the U.S. relations with other countries a military one.
World War I (WWI) caused such things as...
European Nationalism, Increasing armies and navies, Imperialist Competition.
The British Blockade caused what?
Widespread stravation in Germany.
The United States used the convoy system to overcome what?
The attacks from the German U-boats.
New weapons were introduced in WWI, what were they?
Tanks & Airplanes.
In WWI, what nations suffered the least amount killed?
The United States.
What countries were part of the BIG Four?
United States, Italy, France & Great Britain.
The Neutrality Act did what for the United States?
It kept the United States out of WWI for the first 3 years.
What did the Schlieffen Plan do?
It allowed Germany to drive quickly toward the French capital.
What made the United States enter the war?
The outrage of the United States citizens after the German submarine warfare.
The main form of fighting on the western front was what?
Trench Warfare.
Centeral Powers of WWI was?
Bulgaria, Germany, & Austria Hungary.
What two countries were invovled in the Zimmmermann Note?
Germany & Mexico.
If it wasn't for what, the war could have been only bewteen Serbia & Austria-Hungary.
The Alliance System.
Germany was forced to take sole responsiblilty for the war because?
Of Germany's Military Aggression.
Wilson's Fourteen point program, did not have _______________ in it?
Repartions for Germany
African Americans moving to Northen Cities was what?
The Great Migration.
Nationalism was strong where?
In the Balkans.
Did Congress unanimously declare war in 1917?
No, it was not unanimously.
The Nineteenth Amendment was helped pass by what?
The Women's war effort.
Germany used what in their Navy?
They used U-Boats
Why was Daylight-Savings Time used during the war?
To help conserve fuel.
The United States used propaganda for what?
To help gain support for the war.
Was Great Britain the first country to use posion gases in the war?
No, other countries used it first.
United States & Germany signed what?
A separate peace agreement.
After the war, what did the United States suffer from?
The World Wide Flu Epidemic.
Did pacifist like that the United States declared war?
No, they didn't like it.
George Creel
Was the leader of the Committee of Public Information.
William Sims
He thought of the Convoy system, that allowed transportation of men & goods to Europe.
Eddie Rickenbacker
Was a American Ace pilot, who shot down 26 enemy planes during the war.
Bernard M. Baruch
He was the leader of the War Industries board.
Alvin York
He was a American war hero, who helped capture 132+ & killed 25 Germans.
Georges Clemenceau
At the Treaty of Versailles Conferance he led France.
David Lloyd George
At the Treaty of Versailles Conference, he led Great Britain.
Vladimir Lenin
He led the Bolshevik Revolution.
Vittorio Orlando
At the Treaty of Versailles Conference, he was the leader for Italy.
Wilhelm II
He was the leader for Germany, that abdicated.
* How were Immigrants affected by the war?
- Central European Immigrants were descrimminated against.
- Women gained equality, went into the workplace.
- African Americans migrated north, for better jobs.
* Why did the United States enter the war? (3 reasons)
- The Zimmermann Note
- Financial ties to the Allies
- German's use of unrestricted submarine warfare
- Russia droppes out of the war