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A way to get around or through North America by water.
Northwest Passage
Discovered by a Viking named Leif Ericson in the year 1000.
An explorer for Portugal who landed on the Brazilian coast.
Amerigo Vespucci
To search for new things or places. To make discoveries.
A neighboring country to Spain who refused to help Columbus.
A Spanish explorer who discovered America on October 12, 1492.
Christopher Columbus
The year Columbus discoverd America.
A Viking explorer who sailed from Greenland and discovered Vinland about A.D. 1000.
Leif Ericson
A sailor who in 1519 discovered the water passage (Strait of Magellan)that led through the land to the west and into the Pacific Ocean.
Ferdinand Magellan
Explorers from Norway, Denmark and Sweeden who settled in Iceland and Greenland. They also discovered Newfounland.
A narrow strip of land connecting two larger pieces of land.
An island off the eastern coast of Canada first settled by the Vikings.
A Spanish explorer who sailed with Columbus on his second voyage and discoverd Puerto Rico in 1508 while looking for gold.
Ponce de Leon
A person sent to teach religion and provide help for people who need it.
A Portugese sailor accidentally discovered Brazil in 1500.
Pedro Cabral
A Spainard who conquered the Central American Inca empire in 1531.
Francisco Pizarro
A group of armned ships.
A Portugese sea captain who sailed around the Southern tip of Africa in 1488.
Bartholomeu Dias
A French explorer who discoverd the St. Lawrence River in 1534. He claimed this area of Canada for France.
Jacques Cartier
A country in southern Europe from which Columbus sailed.
A group of Spanish armed ships sent 1588 to raid England. They were defeated.
Spanish Armada
A group of islands in what the Europeans called the "Indies" Many valuable goods were imported from there.
Spice Islands
While searching for gold along the southern coast of America, this Spanish explorer discovered the Mississippi River.
Hernando de Soto
A French explorer who was searching for a Northwest passage in North America. In 1524 he discovered New York bay and entered the mouth of the Hudson River. One of the first maps of North America was made from his rough drawings.
Giovanni Verrazano
The first person to sail around Africa and on to India.
Vasco da Gama
A land that is settled far from the country that governs it.
A Spanish explorer who was searching for the mythical "Seven Cities of Gold". Instead, he discovered the Grand Canyon and claimed much of the Southwest for Spain.
Francisco Coronado
The king and queen of Spain who financed Columbus's voyage to America.
Ferdinand and Isabella
A Spaniard who conquered the Mexican Aztec empire in 1521.
Hernando Cortes
The year the Spanish Armada was defeated in England.
A journey for a certain purpose.