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What was the Wilmot Proviso?
David Wilmot's idea that slavery and involuntary srvitude whould not exist in the U.S.
The south hated this idea.
What was sectionalism?
A devotion to the interests of one region instead of to the country as a whole.
This occured during the Civil war.
What was popular sovereignty?
The idea that the citizens of a state should vote on whether their state would be a slave state or not.
Citizens get to vote on this.
What was the Free Soil Party?
A political group that strongly believed that the Wilmont Proviso should be carried out.
A political group-not crazy people.
Slavery in California
The postition of slavery in California was greatly debated.
Has to do with position.
What was the Compromise of 1850?
The 5 promises that Henry Clay made to the United States.
Pres. of 1850
Henry Clay's 5 Ideas were....
-Urged Congress to admit CA as a state in the Union.
-Ordered the rest of the Mexican Cession to be and organized territory
-Fixed the dispute between TX and NM territory
-Called for an end to the slave trade (not slavery)
-Called for more effective slave fugitive laws
Five ideas
John C. Calhoun was.....
Strongly supported Southern views
Not his personality.