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De Lome letter and president William McKinley
De Lome insulted Mckinley in a letter. Mckinley did nothing, McKinley is weak.
USS Maine
Ship blew up spain was blammed. Press printed in papers " Remember the Maine!"
Pres. Mckinley vs. yellow journalism
papers say go to war. Spanish doesnt want war. could have given Cuba indep. but they didnt. Mckinley declares war.
Commodore George Dewey
In charge of u.s pacific fleet. Attacks the philipines's fleet they dont know. They didnt know there was a war. In Manila harbor.
Rough Riders
Gen. Joseph
Colonel Leonard Wood
LT.Teddy Roosevelt
W. Bartey O'Neil
John "Blackjack" Pershing
Treaty of Paris
1.) Cuba in debt.
2.) U.s takes over peurto Rico
3.) " " Guam
4.) " " Phiipines
John Hay
Sec. of state. Imperalist. " A splendid little war" Under McKinley and Roosevelt.
Imperialism and advocates
Wants U.s to become a world power. -Teddy Roosevelt
- William Seward - John hay
Anti-imperialism & advocates
Dont want u.s to become a world power. -Samuel clemmens - Jane Adams
Philipines & Emilio Aguinaldo
Want indep. Fight for 3 years. U.s promises indep. they dont get indep. for 35 more years.