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How did money influence politics
fake construction company-credit moblier-laid no track-created by union pacific railroad--Colis Huntington-bribery central pac direct. of southern pacific
scandals affect on presidency
mark twain labeled the ear-guiled age--secretary of war william belknap..persoanl secretary of war involved with the whiskey ring which bribed to avoid paying taxes
the interstate commerce act
Banned pooling and rebating supreme court stopped ICC from being efftective
Sherman Anit-Trust ACT
prohibited monopolies..companies cheated by creating a holding company which controlled sep companies
United States vs. E.C. Knight Comp
American sugar refining company, hurt the sherman act in the 1890's monopolies grew
made up of farmers in 7 years it reached 14,000, they fromed co-ops to market grain and established stores to buy machinery
Ocala Platform
lend farmers 80%, silver standard, income tax (graduated personal)
National Farmers' Alliance
northwestern alliance and southern alliance formed what? reforms made at ocala platform
populist party
weaver 4 president recieved 1 million pop votes 22 electoral
populist party following Bryans Defeat
new gold discoveries, democrats stole populist supporters return of prosperity hurt populist party
contribution to anit foreign feelings
natives resented b/c of compet. 4 jobs. Ban immigrants from foregin countries--american protective association---1 million members
immigrants faced lots of written attacks from media.
concerns of progressive movement
1)working conditions
2)regul. of monopolies
3)end of spoiled food
wisconsin idea
direct primary in state elections created group of speicalists--brain trust railroads and public utilities
roosevelt and big business
free enterprise system-badtrusts- 1st group trusts he attacked were the northern securities comp. it was a success
federal reserve act
pres who passed it--->Wilson controlled interest rates by lowering and raising which expanded money supply
clayton anti trust act
specified labor unions as not illegal (to strike or picket)
federal trade commission
complaints by unfair business practices