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Contained the 3 R's: relief, recovery, and reform

govt policies aimed at helping the poor and unemployed during the Great Depression

created by Franklin D. Roosevelt
The New Deal
American pledge to keep China open to trade with all nations not just those with spheres of influence
Open Door Policy
domestic reform that the US had the God-given right to expand from one side of the continent to the other
Manifest Destiny
Attempts by Richard Nixon to relzx tensions with the Soviet Union
U.S. policy towards Latin American nations during the 1930's as the U.S. became less involved in their affairs and withdrew troops from the area
Good Neighbor Policy
The domestic reform program of Lyndon B. Johnson which declared "unconstitutional war of poverty"
Great Society
The U.S. pledge to give aid to any nation who became the victims of communist aggression; originally aimed to help Greece & Turkey
Truman Doctrine
Teddy Roodevelt's progressive social program to bring reforms on behalf of the working and poor of Americans; attacked big businesses
Square Deal
Economic aid offered to assist Europe with Recovery after WWII
Marshall Plan
19th century policy that European nations shouuld stay out of the Western Hemisphere and not try to settle any more colonies
Monroe Doctrine
John F. Kennedy's belief that America faced unknown opportunities and perils - a frontier of unfulfilled holes and dreams
New Frontier
Time period when southern states were occupied by federal troops to ensure the political rights of blacks; collapsed with Rutherfors B. Hayes taking office in 1977