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Joint stock company
A group of investors that have pooled their capital together in order to liquidate the product and make a profit.
Indentured servants
A person who works for someone in order to pay off a dept that when payed off, the servant is free.
A person who set up a living area on land with out a charter.
Visible saints
People that exhibited a conversion in their everyday life.
Puritans that were dedicated extremists.
Mayflower Compact
A simple agreement to form a crude government that would submit to the will of majority.
Adult males that belonged to the Puritan congregations that were visible saints.
General Court
The representative assembly that was anually elected by freemen.
Salutary Neglect
A period of time when the Navigation Laws were only weakly inforced.
Headright system
A sytem that said if a man paid for the passage of a laboror, he recieved 50 acres of land.
Middle Passage
The slave passage from Africa to the West Indies to America.
Half-Way covenant
A system that was created that said the children of current members of the church would also allowed to be members of the church.
Established church
A church supported by taxes such as the Church of England.