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The Court Case Marbury vs. Madison established what concept?
Judicial Review
This is an economic system that can be defined as private or corporate ownership of goods, expressed through free enterprise.
What economic system uses wealth to create wealth?
The Monroe Doctrine was a way that Monroe dealt with what countries?
When President Polk was elected, he promised to stretch America from sea to shining sea, this demonstrates the concept of what?
Manifest Destiny
The Monroe Doctrine established the concept of what?
Spheres of Influence
What political system, started by Andrew Jackson, is being used when you give jobs to friends and supporters?
What does the Thirteenth Amendment end?
What plan stated that the south had to pay back war debts?
What plan stated that after 10% of the states population pledged an allegiance to the Union that state could reenter the union?
What plan stated that ex-confederates had to swear a past and future oath before they could reenter the Union?
Wade Davis
What plan gave the military control of the south?
Wade Davis
What plan gave the military control of the south?
Reconstruction Act of 1877
What was the first major relief agency of the United States?
Freedman’s Bureau
What is the 14th amendment known as?
civil rights
What did the 15th amendment do?
ensuring African American’s right to vote
Why was Johnson impeached?
firing Sec. Of War Stanton
Which was more socially acceptable?
Tenant Farming
Which was more like slavery?
What company provided much of the corruption in Grant’s administration?
Credit Mobilier
Which Compromise made Rutherford B. Hayes president and ended Reconstruction?
Compromise of 1877
Who invented the Alternate Current?
Who invented the light bulb?
Who invented the Telephone?
Who started the company General Electric?
Who improved the telegraph by creating a code for communication?
Who invented the oil drill?
The Transcontinental Railroad was built by multiple companies. Which company had NO involvement in the railroad being built OR paid for illegally?
Pennsylvania RR
The Brooklyn Bridge was made by using steel. This would not have been possible if it was not for whom?
Henry Bessemer
How did Vanderbilt make his fortune?
“People should be free to make as much money as they can, yet after they make it, they should eventually return it to society.” This would be said by someone who believes in.
Andrew Carnegie’s “the gospel of wealth
“Poor people are needy because of faults of their own, Rich people are wealthy because they are more fit and make better decisions.” This would probably be said by someone who believes in what?
Social Darwinism
If I own and run all of the shoe businesses in the country then I am running what?
Who developed one of the first million-dollar Steel companies in Pittsburgh?
Andrew Carnegie
Who developed one of the first million-dollar Oil companies in America?
John D. Rockefeller
What legislation was formed to limit the power of Trust but actually hurt the Labor Unions more?
Sherman Anti-Trust
What economic philosophy states that instead of private ownership of goods, the public should own and share (all benefit) from property and income (this also led to more labor unions)?
Samuel Gompers led which Labor Union?
American Federation of Labor
Eugene Debs led which Labor Union?
American Railway Union
Which strike resulted in a bombing and lynching of 4 union workers from McCormick’s Reaper factory?
Which strike resulted in Carnegie calling in the Pinkertons who shot several workers?
Which strike was led by Eugene Debs to argue against railroad workers who had their pay dropped while rent and cost of living went up?
Because of the Haymarket, Homestead, and Pullman strikes America’s view of Labor Unions did what?
got worse