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What was the Great Compromise?
The Great Compromise said that all states would be represented equally within the government. This created the legislative branch of the government.
Who were the Anti-Federalists?
People against having the Constitution; created the Bill of Rights
What were the failures of the Articles of Confederation?
1) British forts still in the US
2) Spain hoping to expand their empire
3) Financial depression
What were the failures of the Continental Congress?
-could not TAX the state directy
-financing the war
What were the successes of the Continental Congress?
1) established army, navy and marines
2) recongition from France
3) created a postal service
Who is James Madison?
Representative of Virginia at Philadelphia Convention
Who was Alexander Hamilton?
Present at the Annapolis meeting; George Washington's close adviser and military headquarter organizor
Who is William Paterson?
Counteracted the Virginia Plan and created the New Jersey Plan
What were the successes of the Articles of Confederation?
1) Charting settlement for new western lands
2) Brought the war to a successful end
3) Peace treaty with England
Who was Edmund Randolph?
presented the Virginia Plan
What is the Virginia Plan?
A plan saying there would be two houses of Congress and that both would be represention of the states based on their population
What compromise was made about the slave trade?
The United States would prohibit the importation of slaves after January 1, 1808. However, the slavery itself would not stop.
While written and implemented in 1777, the Articles of Confederation were not ratified until what year?
What happened at the Philadelphia Convention in 1781?
A new government was formed - when the Constitution was written.
What is the New Jersey Plan?
Plan saying that there would be two houses of Congress -only ONE would be represented by population
What was Shay's Rebellion?
A rebellion led by Daniel Shay rioting against the imprisionment of debtors of the depression.
Who were the Federalists?
People for the Constitution.
What was the last state to sign the Articles of Confederation?
Rhode Island
What did the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 state?
For new land:
-At a population of 5,000, a land could apply for being a terrority
-At a population of 6,00, a terrority could apply for statehood.
What was the 3/5 Compromise?
This stated that only 3/5 of a state slave population would be counted for representation in the House of Representatives.
What was the Annapolis meeting?
This meeting determined that a new government needed to be formed to replace the Articles of Confederation.