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passed in 1951 - this amendment limited a president's tenure in offive to two elected terms
22nd Amendment
The rebulicans chose ____ to run for president and _____ as his vice-president
Richard Nixon / Henry Cabot Lodge
The democrats chose ____ to run for president and _____ as his vice-president
John F. Kennedy / Lyndon B. Johnson
former senator of massachusets who became president of the us in 1960
former senator of Texas became VP in 1960
Lyndon B. Johnson
which presidential candidate led in the polls when it came to radio debates?
which presidential candidate led in the polls when it came to TV debates?
J.F.K. became the ___ elected president at what age?
youngest / 43
- continued the nuclear arms buildup begun by Eisenhower

- established the Green Berets to assist countries struggling to fight communism

- created PEACE CORPS

Kennedy's foreign Policy & Crisis
sent Am volunteers to work for 2 years in developing countries
Peace Corps
offered billions of dollars in aid to participating countries. In exchange for financial assistance, the countries were expected to begin democratic reforms and encourage capitalism.
Alliance for Progress
in 1959, who became the dictator of Cuba and what did he establish?
Fidel Castro / communist ties with the Soviet Union
- Pres. J.F.K. troubled that communist government was only 90 miles from the US

- CIA were training and financing group of anti-Castro Cuban refugees to invade Cuba

- invasion was a disaster, rebels quickly brought down, US naval and air support never happened

- invasion FAILED to spark uprising among Cuban people
Bay of Pigs
- Soviet leader Krushchev convinced that Kennedy was weak, especially after the Bay of Pigs

- 1961, Krushchev demanded that Us recognize the soverignty of communist East Germany and remove troops from West Berlin

- East Germans erected a barbed wire barrier that cut off traffic b/w EandW Berlin. eventually replaced by concrete wall
Berlin Crisis
barbed wire barrier that cut off traffic b/w EandW Berlin. eventually replaced by concrete wall
Berlin Wall
the turning point in the US - Soviet relations was?
The Cuban Missile Crisis
- Castro asked SU for protection from other invasions

- soviets sent both defensive and offensice weapons, including nuclear misslies that could reach the eastern US
The Cuban Missile Crisis
on this date, most of the SU ships stopped and turned around
Oct. 24, 1962
On this date, Krushchev agreed to dismantle missile if US promised not to invade Cuba
Oct. 28, 1962
in 1963, SU, US, and GB signed the ______ to end testing of nuclear bombs in atmosphere and underwater
Limited Number Treat Ban Treaty
What 3 countries signed the Limited Number Treat Ban Treaty?
Soviet Union, the U.S., and Great Britain
what was established during/after the cuban missile crisis?
a hotline
Kennedy's domestic agenda was referred to as the _____.
New Frontier
Michael Harrington's book _____ inspired Kennedy to attempt to eradicate poverty.
The Other America
Dallas police arrested _____ for the muder of President Kennedy.
Lee Harvey Oswald
The majority of Kennedy's advisers were ___ and well-educated.
Kennedy won the Pulitzer Prize for biography with his book ____.
Profiles in Courage
Congress passed the _____, which provided financial assistance to economically distressed regions.
Area Reconstruction Act (ARA)
Many of America's ____ people were inspired by Kennedy and joined the Peace Corps.
Despite his youthful looks and athleticism, President Kennedy suffered from many ____ problems.
The _____ was established to investigate the assassination of J.F.K.
Warren Commission
T/F: J.F.K. was popular with many Americans because he carried on the traditional ways of the Eisenhower presidency.
T/F: Many you Americans were turned off by politics during Kennedy's presidency.
T/F: Most of Kennedy's advisers were men with little political experience buy a lot of education.
T/F: Most of Kennedy's proposals were regected by Congress.
T/F: Michael Harrington's book The Other America persuaded Kennedy to veto the ARA proposed by Congress.
T/F: Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald were arrested for the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, TX.
T/F: Chief Justice Earl Warren headed the Warren Commission, which ruled that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone in the assassination of Kennedy.
T/F: Most of Kennedy's cabinet members were younger than that of other presidents.
T/F: It did not matter to Kennedy if his advisers came from great educational backgrounds or fine schools.
T/F: Most of kennedy's advisers were well experienced in plitics and government affairs.
T/F: Kennedy selected his brother, Robert Kennedy, to serve as attorney general.
T/F: Kennedy's uncle was his closest adviser.
T/F: Kennedy's political agenda was known as the New Frontier.
T/F: Kennedy called for an increase in government spending to stimulate economic growth.
T/F: Kennedy worked well with Congress and passed a great deal of legislation.
T/F: Kennedy's first legislative victory was the passage of the ARA, which provided financial assistance to the poor.
T/F: Kennedy was shot in Chicago where hes had gone to build support for his 1964 presidential campaign.
T/F: Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy.
T/F: Kennedy donated his annual salary to charities.