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A colonist during the American Revolution who supported the English
A colonist during the American Revolution who supported the "freedom" cause and fought against the English.
Adolf Hitler
The Nazi Party leader and leader of Germany during WWII
A pilot who had the most kills while airborne
The seperation of black and whites in public facilities
Agent Orange
A chemical used during the Vietnam War to completely destroy vegetation
VC/Victor Charlie/Charlie
The code name for the Vietcong; this was used by American troops
Someone who did not support slavery and fought to free the slaves
Abraham Lincoln
President of the United States during the Civil War. He was later assasinated in Ford's Theatre.
Al Capone
An infamous organized criminal who ran some of the major cities in the US like Chicago, bringing in alcohol.
18th Amendment
The prohibition of alcohol.
21st Amendment
Ended prohibition
19th Amendment
Women given the right to vote
Shantytowns where people lived during the Great Depression
President Herbert Hoover
Passive leader, felt buisniness would help recover economy, president during Great Depression
Bonus Army
WWI veterns marched to D.C. to get benefits promised to them-dispursed using teargas by MacArthur, etc.
Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
Asssinated in Bosnia by the "Black Hand"
Used to influence the people of different countries to rally for their country.
Zimmerman Telegraph
Sent from Germany to German embassitor in Mexicao, trying to convince Mexico to attack US. British intercepted it but help back to push US over the edge.
14 Points
1-no secret treaties (A)
2-freedom of seas (M)
3-tariffs lowers to foster trade (I)
4-arms reduction (M)
5-colonial powers reduced (N)
6-13-boundary changes (I)
14-League of Nations (N)
Big Four
Lightning swift movements that Hitler used to conquer.
Appeasemen of Hitler
Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and French Primier Edouard Daladier agree to allow Hitler to take Sudentenland
Allied Powers
United States, Great Britian, Russia, France
Axis Powers
Germany, Italy, Japan
Benito Mussolini
Italian leader who was later turned over to his own people killed.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Leader of the United States during WWII and introduced the lend-lease Act
Fireside Chats
Roosevelt came over radio to lift spirits of American people during Depression
The invation of France by the Allied Forces-Normandy. It led to the liberation of Paris and was called Operation Overlord. Beaches included Juno, Gold, Omaha, Utah, and Sword
The idea to keep communism from spreading
Dwight D. Eisenhower
The commander of US forces of D-Day invation.
Erwin Rommel
The German commander is known as hte "Desert Fox"
Battle of the Bulge
the final German offensive of WWII
The largest of the death camps in Nazi Germany
Joseph Mengela
A doctor who performed experiements on death camp victims. Called the "Angel of Death"
Name given to Japanese pilots who killed themselves by crashing planes into US ships, etc.
Island Hopping
The idea of overcoming one island at a time until our goal had been reached. The battle that started this process was either Midway or Coral Sea.
The seizing of Americans by the British and foring them into the British navy. This sparked the War of 1812.
Joseph Stalin
The leader of the Soviet Union
Manhattan project
name of the program established to develop 1st atomic bom
Enola Gay
Name of the plane that dropped the 1st atomic bomb on Japan.
Little Boy
Name of the bomb that hit Hiroshima.
Name of the first city that the US dropped the atomic bomb on.
The second city the US droppd the atomic bomb on.
Fat Man
The second atomic bomb that hit Nagasaki.
Teddy Roosevelt
The rough-riding president that watned to serve in WWI.
The idea of staying out of confict. The US took this position prior to entering WWI.
Trench Warfare
The type of warfare where you dig trenches on either side and fight from them. Defense, not offense.
The British passenger ship that sank after being attacked by a German U-Boat
Went through the Virginia plan, New Jersey plan, Great Compromise, and 3/5 compromise to get there. Federalist and anti-federalist. The backbone and foundation of US.
Andrew Carnegie
Wealth in steel and railroads. Used vertical integration, which you want use you get a bit of everything.
John D. Rockefeller
Wealth in oil refineries and used horizonital integration, which we don't like cause it causes monopolies.
13 Original Colonies
New England Colonies: manufactured goods, etc.
Middle Colonies: manufactured goods, agriculture, etc.
Southern Colonies: agricultural goods
Louisanna Territory
Thomas Jefferson bought land from Nepolean and double US size. Lewis and Clark Expedition followed.
Olive Branch Petition
A plea to the king of England to help resolve problems in colonies, but he refused so war followed.
No Man's Land
Space between trenches with barbed wire, etc. If you were caught there, chances are you would be killed.
Monroe Doctrine
Stay out of European affairs, but it hurt out economy, closed colinization to Europe and Europe stays out of our buisiness.
Spanish American War
attacked USS Maine and war cry is placed upon government. We liberated Caribbean and watned presence. Still holds Puerto Rico, Philippines, and Guam.
Articles of Confederation
Ran the country from 1781-1791. All the colonies had to agree for change, all were equal. Government had no power, each state operated as own. Nothing complished.
Ho Chi Minh
Vietnamese revolutionist with communist ideas; leader of North Vietname who were helped during WWII, but pulled out.
Domino Theory
Eisenhower introduced: when one country fell to communism, all the rest would as well.
Ngo Dinh Diem
South Vietnam president; puppet-leader of US, was taken out by CIA because he was corrupt.
Code name for Vietcong
Ho Chi Minh Trail
network of paths that carried supplies from the North to the South
Hollywood Ten
Ten directors, producers, etc. who were blacklisted because they were suspected communists.
Tonkin Resolution
1964; gave president more power to put in more military actions after US destroyer fired at.
Tet Offensive
Similar to Iraq with going through building after building
Theatres of War in WWII
North Africa, Europe, and Pacific