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What were some questions and problems that the new government had?
* Great Amount of Debt
* British Soldiers in North West Territory
* Cabinet-set up
What were the three major jobs in Cabinet?
* Secretary of War

* Secretary of State

* Secretary of Treasurey
Who was the Secretary of State?
Thomas Jefferson
Who was the Secretary of War?
Henry Knox
Who was the Secretary of Treasurey?
Alexander Hamilton
What was Alexander Hamilton's views on government?
* odd view of equality

* believed wealthy and educated people should have places in government
What were some concerns of Hamilton?
1) National Debt
2) US has no allies
3)US has no navy while Britain has increased theirs
What ammounts of money were owed in debt?
$ 54 million dollars in debt
$ 42 million owed to Americans
$ 12 million owed to foreigners
States are 25 million dollars in debt
During revolutionary war, government sold ______ to the people?
bonds- as the war went on people sold their bonds to speculators
Who argued that the government should NOT pay back the bonds?

Who argued that they should?
James Madison- NOT

Alexander Hamilton- disagrees

Government DOES pay back bonds to speculators
Who proposes to pay off the 25 million state debt?
Alexander Hamilton
Does the North willingly allow the government to pay back their debt?
yes, because their economy has struggled
South has paid back 83% of their debt, they want to pay their own debt. In order to satisfy the south, the National Government does what?
Moves capital closer to the South on the Potomic river in between Maryland and Virginia
Who sponsored the national bank?
ALexander Hamilton
What are 5 benifits of having a national bank?
1) Cheap loans to government
2) Place to keep national revenue
3) Print Currency
4) Regulate state and private banks
5) cement loyalty of wealthy to the bank
Thomas Jefferson urged the president NOT to sign the bank bill because?
He said it was un constitutional:
Am 10- power to set up a bank is not in the constituion, therefore it is the power of the states and or the people.
Jefferson was a strict constructionist
What is a strict constructionist?
Someone who interprets the constitution word for word ( verbatim)
Hamilton argues the bank bill is constitutional because?
Article 1 Section 8 Clause 18~ the elastic clause- stretches to fit-
Hamiltons reasoning: US can collect taxes, so it needs a bank to put the money in
Hamilton was a loose constructionist- loose interpretation of government
Who suggested that a tax be put on Whiskey?
Alexander Hamilton
Farmers compared the tax to when?
When Great Britain taxed them-- "Taxation without Representation"
Mass mobs began to grow and rebel against the tax and governement- immediately Washington sent a militia from 3 states and ended it- This showed what?
This showed the strength of government since Shays Rebellion, also showed cahnges in government can be made by voting
What is foreign policy?
actions and reactions of a country towards events and other countries around the world
What did the Proclamation of Neutrality state?
that the US would remain neutral during conflict between two countries
Washington sent John Jay to make a treaty with Britain because?
Britain was seizing US ships
John Jay held what position in government?
Chief Justice
What did the Jay Treaty State?
1) Great Britain would pay for lost or seized ships

2) US agrees to pay for pre-war debt

3) Great Britain agrees to remove troops from US's Northwest Territory
Problems with Jay Treaty:
1) Britain did not promise to stop seizing ships
2) Most pre-war debt is owed by southern states
3) South has to pay old debt but north gets money
Why is the Jay Treaty good?
Removes Ships, Payments for Ships, avoidance war
Why did Washington decide NOT to run for a third term?
* feared he would die in office
* struggled through two terms
* did not want to set a term for life in office
* did not want the US to have any form of a monarchy
List 7 Suggestions Washington left to the US:
1) Stay away from debt
2) Stay away from political parties
3) Remain peaceful with other nations
4) Remain neutral
5) Respect other nations
6) Promote education
7) national government is indispensible
Who was the leader of the Federalists party? What did they stand for?
Alexander Hamilton- strong national government where wealthy have a great influence, incourage trade and manufacturing, Supporters of national bank
Who was the leader of the Democratic Republicans? What did they stand for?
Thomas Jefferson- states rights, power should be in hands of the people, promote education and agriculture
What did the Federalist think should be the base of the economy?
What did the Democratic Republicans want the economy to be based on?
Who were the presidential nominees for the election of 1896?
Democratic Republicans- Thomas Jefferson

Federalists- John Adams
Who were the vice presidential nominees?
Jefferson and Burr

Adams and Pinkney
Who won the election?
John Adams, Jefferson came in second so he got vice president
Why did Adams send a peace commision over to France to make a treaty?
French begans seizing ships because they saw the Jay treaty as an alliance with Britain
Who was France's prime minister?
Talleyrand sent agents taht said Talleyrand would only meet with the US if the US gave them 250,000 dollars to Talleyrand and 10 million dollar loan to France-- the agents were referred to as?
Why did the US government refuse this deal?
they saw it as a bribe
US decides to use money to build up their military- they arm 54 ships to protect US interest in Caribbean Sea- between 1798-1800 there is a Quazi war between France and US:
US destroys 93 French Ships and looses only one- by 1799 French is only a nuisance to US
What was the Alien Act?
allowed imprisonment of foreigners during war time and lengthened residency requirement from 5 to 14 years
Why did Adams lengthen the residency requirement?
he feared that immigrants would vote republican so he lengthened the residency rate to weaken the republicans for further elections
What was the Sedition Act?
called for the fining or imprisonment of anyone who impeded the progress or defamed its officials- it expired on March 3, 1801 because it was unconsitutional
Why are people upset with the federalist party in the election of 1800?
1) Alien and Sedition Acts
2) Taxes are High
3) War is near
Who were the presidentail nominees for the election of 1800?
Federalist- John Adams
Republican- Thomas Jefferson
What is a mud slinging?
trading insults
What did the federalists say about John Adams?
called him an atheist, and said he hoped his daughter would marry George III
What did the democratic republicans call John Adams?
a monarchist, and hopes his daughter will marry George III
Who won the election of 1800?
Jefferson and Burr Tied- pass the 12th Amendment
What was Adams last act as president?
Juudiciary Act- created numerous lower courts for the Judiciary Branch
Why did Adams pass the Judiciary Acts?
wanted ability to put Federalists judges in courts-
The ability to put federalists judges in courts- these appointments were referred to as?
Midnight Appointments
Where was the Quazi war fought?
Caribean Sea
What is a precedent?
example for others to follow