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a type of business that raises money by selling shares of stock to investors.
refunds to the buyers of part of the fees or prices for purchased products or services
interstate commerce
business between states
Standard Oil of Ohio
An oil monopoly owned by JD Rockefeller. He control both oil production and shipping.
Andrew Carnegie
Developed the steel industry in America. Created the Carnegie steel company, producing 25% of the nation's steel.
Known as the " Captain of Industry.
robber baron
people who start businesses - who made their fortunes by driving their competitors out of business, sometimes by unfair method.
combining several companies into one large company
JD Rockefeller
Created the Standard Oil of Ohio
Philip D. Armour
With Swift, improved railroad service by using refrigerated railcars to ship western beef safely from Chicago slaughterhouses to eastern butcher shops.
Gustavus Swift
improved railway services by using refrigerated rail cars to ship beef safely from Chicago slaughter houses to eastern butcher shops
JP Morgan
In 1901 he formed the largest steel corporation.
consolidated railroad lines, owning lines as far west as Chicago