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How did Hoover win the election of 1928?
He promised a "chicken in every pot"
The republican platform of 1932
weak, as they hadnt much to run on. praised anti depression policies and half heartedly promised to repeal prohibition.
Background of FDR
New Yorker, harvard graduate, former governor of NY, nominate for VP, assistant secretary of navy
Elenor Roosevelt's political nicknames
- Roosevelt's hands and feet
- "conscience of the new deal"
In Roosevelt's policy, ___ was expendable, not ____.
money, people
Roosevelt's critics called him a __________ by defending the _________
"traitor to his class", "common man"
Brain's Trust
a sort of kitchen cabinet group of college professors who later created the new deal
Some of roosevelt's campaign slogans:
"Out of the Red with Roosevelt", "Throw the spenders out!"
Role of blacks in the election of 1932
they shifted away from Lincoln's origional party towards the repub's because they were constantly "the last hired and the first fired"
Lame duck period of 1932
one in four workers was out of work, Hoovervilles grumbled that roos was doing this on purpose to emerge even as more of a savior
3 R's
relief, recovery, and reform
What roosevelt did about the banks?
in the first hundred days, he declared a four day bank holiday and he convinced Congress to pass the Emergency Banking Relief Act
Emergency Banking Relief Act
allowed the president to open and close the banks at will, regulate banking transactions, and open solvent banks
fireside chat
Roosevelt broadcasted, in layman's terms, over the radio exactly what he was doing, which restored faith in the government and helped restore faith in the bank
Glass Steagall Banking Reform Act
Made the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which insured your money up to 5000 dollars in case u lost it in the bank. Stopped bank failures
Roosevelt and gold
he ordered all private holdings of gold to be turned in and took the nation off the gold standard. He had the treasury buy gold at inflated prices, which inflated the dollar. After this had worked, they returned to a limited gold standard for trade only.
Civilian Conservation Corps: for the train hoppers, doing natural conservation projects, complaints were however made of militarization in camps.
Federal Emergency Relief Act:
Immediate relief, not long term recovery. made the FERA.
Federal Amergency relief administration: gave $3 billion to the states for wages and projects
Agricultural Adjustment Act: helped farmers meet their mortgages by giving them money
Home Owners Loan Corporation: assisted a million households that needed refinancing, bailed out mortgage holding banks
Civil Works Administration: during the winter emergency, it was only to create jobs (leaf raking, etc)
working a crappy job for the sake of having a job was called
Charles Coughlin
Catholic Priest for "social justice" (had a radio show)
Huey Long
nicknamed "kingfish", dictator like guy who wanted to redistribute the weath. Slogan= "Share the wealth" program, and "Every Man a King" He was shot
Francis Townsend
for the elderly, he wanted them to get 200 dollars a month
Works Progress Administration: spent 11 billion on bridges, buildings, roads, etc...useful job creating projects.
First Woman Cabinet member
Frances Perkins
Franz Boas and Ruth Benedict
Women Activists
Margeret Mead
a woman activist who made great progress in the role of women at that time