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Taft-Hartley Act
1947; outlawed "closed" shop; made unions liable for damages caused by jurisdictional disputes; required union leaders to take non-communist oath
first was built by the Levitt Brothers on NY Long Island, erecting hundreds of dwellings in one project, very monotonic
UN Security Council (Big Five)
US, Brit, USSR, China, France: all must have unanimous consent
policy post WWII in order to contain communism where it is, and to not let it expand
Marshall Plan
Called for spending 12.5 billion dollars over 4 years in 16 cooperating countries to help restore the western european economy
Mao Zedong
Communist leader in China who took power in 1949 after the Nationalist Government under Jiang was forced to flee to Taiwan
Joseph McCarthy
During the Eisenhower Administration, he was the Wisconsin republican senator, who was highyl anticommunist, and his rhetoric spread rapidly serving to scare America in "seeing red"
Thomas Dewey
presidential candidate in the 1944 and 1948 elections but never won; NY governor
Douglas MacArthur
commander of UN forces in Korea, disagrees with Truman b/c wants a fuill out war
Rosa Parks
1955 Montgomery Alabama took a seat in the "whites only" section of the bus and was arrested
Where blacks would have a large group sit in segregated places to make a point; first significant one was in greensborough, NC 1960
location of the Battle of Dien Bien between Vietmin and France which ended France's involvement in indo china and lead to the partition of vietnam into north and south; 1954
John Foster Dulles
secretary of state under eisenhower 1953-59; agressvie stance against comm. and supported french in vietnam
Nikita Kruschev
successor of Stalin in Sov Union; estabished warsaw pact; initiated deployment of nuclear missiles in Cuba that lead to cuban missile crisis; supported egypt in 1956 suez canal crisis; rejected eisenhower's "open skies" proposal; started space program for soviets
first artificial satellite put into orbit in 57 by soviets; marked beginning of space race
intercontinental ballistic missiles; R-7 and atlas were first USSR and USA made
J. Edgar Hoover
founder of the FBI; director under Kennedy who resisted Robert Kennedy's reforms of the FBI
Robert S. McNamara
head of the defense dept. under Kennedy; collaborated witht eh idea of "flexible response" while rejecting massive retalliation
New Frontier
Kennedy's presidential plan; peace corps; medical assistance for the aged and increased federal aid to eductation but failed to expand quickly; govt intervention to stop the recession; a disappointment to civil rights but did establish EEO in 1962; set pace for Great Society
Flexible Response
retaliation against massive retaliation; to be able to have other defense options, not just nuclear in order to target enemy's military force, not civilians