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Name the presidents from FDR to GWB.
Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush jr.
theres 12 presidents
1. Name all the chief participants of WWII
2. WWII lasted ____
1. Germany (Hitler), USSR (Stalin), France, England (Churchill), Japan (Hirohito), U.S. (Roosevelt/Truman)
2. 1939-1945
1. theres 7 countries
2. 6 year span
Give the 6 Bodies of the UN and their purpose.
General Assembly - World listens to eachother
Security Council - Maintain peace
Internation Court of Justice - Decides about disputes
Social and Economic Council - improves living conditions
Trusteeship Council - maintains smaller territories (SC does this now)
The Secritariat - Handles office and administrative functions
there's 5 bodies
Give the 5 actions that the SC can do to maintain world peace
1. Stop others from trading w/ the offender
2. Bring in peace keeping troops
3. Declare war
4. Issue an opinion
5. Bring both parties to a solution together.
Describe the responsibilitys that Truman had at the very end of the war.
1. Continue working w/ England and USSR on peace treaty
2. To lead the free world (noncommunist)
3. Americas economy switched from "war time" to "peace time" production.
3 things
What is NATO and what is its purpose?
The NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION is an military alliance formed to keep the USSR from expanding in Europe.
Describe the MARSHALL PLAN.
After WWII, American helped Western Europe get back on its feet by giving them money.
What does the Law of Supply and Demand say?
When Demand is HIGH and Supply is LOW, PRICES RISE

When Demand is LOW and Supply is HIGH, PRICES LOWER.
Nations that rule over smaller nations because of their power
Economic system based on the ownership of land, factories and other, controlled by the government.
Economic system based on private ownership and free competition
West Europe countries and the U.S.
Bodies controlled by a bigger force
USSR and its satellite countries. (Poland, Romania, Blugaria, etc.)
Political and economic controll over other countries.