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Whats was Beringia?
Bering Strait, was a strip of sea only 56 miles wide. During the last Ice Age, glaciers moved south from the North Pole, which drew water from the Bering Sea and exposed more land.
_________ Land Bride.

* Travel to Americas by foot ceased as the ancient land bridge dissapeared below the Bering Sea
Who were the Aztec?
a Native American people that settled in the Valley of Mexico in the 1200s A.D. and later developed a powerful empire
- Indigeous people in which is now Mexico City. (Capital: Tenochtitlan)
- Called themselves Mexica
- Spoke Nalinuatt
- Capital City: Tenochititlan
- Worshipped the Sun god
- Quetralonalt: White god will return on a heavently beast in 1519
Who were the Incas?
a Native American people that around A.D. 1400 created an empire reaching nearly 2,500 miles along the west coast of South America
- Indigenous people in the Tuscuton Penninsula in what is Mexico
- Complex Society
- Mountanous
- Roads created in high altitude
- 1200 to 1533
- LARGEST empire in Pre Colombia
- Language Quachua
- Mother earth main dignity (Worship)
- Had runners run as fast as they could to send a messeage to another tribe in a course in a day, just about
Who were the Mayas?
a Native American people whose civilization flourished in Guatemala and the Yucatan Peninsula between about A.D. 250 and 900
- Indigenous people in the Tuscuton Peninsula in what is Mexico
- South to the Aztecs
- Older than Aztecs
- 250 B.C. - 16th Century C.E.
- Polytheistic
Who were the Vikings?
First Europeans to reach North America were prob. Vikings. Went to a place called Vinland later droven away by "Saga" the native people and Leif Ericson and the other vikings never returned
From Iceland
Tell me about Corn/ Agriculture?
Corn, Beans, melon, and Squashn were croped
Who were the pueblo?
a group of Native American peoples, descendants of the Anasazi-inhabiting the deserts of the Southwest
Who was Christopher Columbus?
- Born in Italy
- Sailed to new world by Spain
- October 12,1492 he came to America
- Three Ships:
- Nina
- Pinta
- Santa Maria
What was the Joint-Stock Companies?
- A business in which investors pool their wealth for a common purpose
- The developement of Joint-stock companies was particularly important because they would finance many of the colonial expeditions to the Americas
What are Taino?
a Native American people of the Caribbean Islands
- the First group to encountered by Columbus and his men when they reached the Americas
Columbus expressed one of the mainreasons he had embarked on his journey, in search for gold, when he did not find gold in San Salvador he took off and searched present-day Cuba, Bahamas, and Hisaniola. He planted a cross in every land or islandhe entered. Nor did he neglect his wish to assert Christian domination
What is Colonization?
- the establishment of outlying settlements by a parent country
During the Crusades, Italians from venice had taken over Arab sugar farms in what is now Lebanon
- By the late 1400s, the portuguese had established plantation colonies on islands off the coast of West Africa, and Spain had conquered the Canary Islands
What was the Treaty of Tordesillas?
the 1494 treaty in which Spain and Portugal agreed to divide the lands of the Western Hemisphere between them
What was the Columbian Exchange?
The transfer (beginning with Columbus's first voyage) of plants, animals, and diseases between the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern hemishpere
- Began with Columbus's first voyage and still continues today
Deadly disease.
brought to Americas from Europe, Africa, and Asia
- Smallpox
- Influenza
- Typhus
- Measles
- Malaria
- Diphtheria
- Whooping Cough
brought to Americas from Europe, Africa, and Asia
Who was Hernan Cortes?
A conquistador ( lured by the prospect of vast lands filled with gold and silver, explorers)that made himself the enemy of thousands of Native Americans.
Cortes was acused of murdering his wife Catalina Juarez, Cortes was told not to leave Cuba but he did anyway. Cortes had to battle not only Native Americans, but also Spanish forces that Velazquez (Cuban governor)sent to arrest him