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Chesapeake Affair
Leopard fires on Chesapeke after wouldn’t allow boarding
James Madison
War 1812 pres, national growth – National Cumberland Road, protective tariffs, National Bank
Treaty of Ghent
ends War of 1812 – talk about Canada border
Rush-Bagot Agreement
unarmed Canada/U.S. border
Cumberland (National) Road
First federal highway – Pennsylvania > Illinois
Second Bank of the U.S.
1816 loans went to industry also
Andrew Jackson/Florida
Attacks Indians, Spanish can’t defend
Adams-Onis Treaty
Florida to U.S. – Texas to Mexico
Tallmadge Amendment
Missouri – can be slave, but no new slaves and all children freed at 25 – failed
Cohens v. Virginia
federal gov’t can review state decisions
Denmark Vesey
mulatto slave revolt – sold out by another slave – all 37 hanged
Tariff of Abominations
high tariffs against Europe – hurt South – helped North
South Carolina Exposition and Protest
Calhoun says states can ignore unfair tariffs – tells S. Carolina not to collect – Jackson stops it
Maysville Road Veto
Fed gov’t doesn’t pay for internal improvements – no road in Kentucky (still mad at Clay)
Antimasonic Party
First Third Party – against rich/secretive masons