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Women's role after the war
back to homemaking
Results of the Korean War
S.K. democrati, NK communist
Reason for aid to France in Vietnam
To stop communism
Reason for NATO
Military alliance to balance USSR
Who divided Korea after WW2
Draft questions durring Vietnam
Some groups (colleges) receieved deferments
Reason for Kent State protest
Invasion of Cambodia
Results of Watergate
Nixon resigns
Who made up the Bonus Army
1932 unemployed veterans
What is cash and carry
Give aid to allies and not pset isolationists
What officially started WW2
Germany attacked Poland
Hitler's military mistake was
Attacking USSR
How did Am. finance WW2
bonds, borrow, income tax
What was the Marshall Plan
Help Europe recover from the war
What is containment
Stop spread of communism
What is Iron Curtain
Divided E/W Europe
What caused the growth of the suburbs
baby boom, cheap housing, GI Bill
Effects of voting rights act 1965
More African Americans elected to office
Tactics of the Viet Cong
Guerilla warfare
What is Agent Orange
Kills foilage
What is saturation bombing
Used against N. Vietnamese
What is the 26th Amendment
18 yr. old vote
How did Ford gain the White House
never elected
What is 3 mile island
Raised nuclear concerns
what is stagflation
rising inflation and unemployment
causes of Great Depression
uneven wealth distribution
depression's effect on minorities
lost jobs to white males and accused of taking jobs
Pres. Hoover's Depression policy
encouraged voluntary controls
Who is Francis Perkins
1st cabinet member female
Name some legacies of the New Deal
funding of arts/ stronger unions/ federal debt
Reforms of Social Securtiy for women
Ended discrimination against woman
List New Deal programs still functioning today
(know full names)
Common Traits of Central Powers
Fascist gov.
Why did the US enter WW2
Pearl Harbor
who did the allies attack first
What is the Holocaust
Extermination of 6 mil Jews
Women's military role in WW2
No combat (nurses, pilots, secretaries)
How were minorities treated by the US army
What is island hopping
allied strategy for Japan
purpose of rationing
keep inflation down
what ended WW2
dropping of atomic bomb
what are internment camps/reasons
unlawful Japanese detainment camps/ stop sabotage
reasons for the arms race
nuclear technology (bomb)
what was sen Joe McCarthy fighting against
Reason for economic growth in the 50's
baby boom, expansion, credit
Eisenhower favored this group
big business
Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King Jr.
brown v. Bd. of Education decision
ended segregation in schools
effects of sputnik
americans questioned use of technology
characteristics of the election of 1960
close election, image, t.v., debate, Catholic
Reason for bay of pigs invason
get rid of Castro
reason for berlin blockade
kennedy's military build up
purpose of peace corp
help developing nations
kennedy's strategy for cuban missile crisis
what was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
President's war power w/o Congress approval
Effects of the Arab oil Embargo
energy crisis 73/74
SCLS strategy
non violent
what was the main protest of Am. soldiers frustration in Vietnam
no clear winning strategy
T.V.'s effect durring Vietnam
Americans saw conflict everyday
What are hoovervilles
what is 20th amendment
lame duck
what is the brain trust
FDR cabinet
audience of fireside chats
public average americans
what is 21st amendment
ended prohibition
FDR's 3 R's
reform, relief, recovery
John Maynard Keynes economic strategy
defecit spending
How did Roosevelt loose support
his plan to add members and get New Deal programs declared Constitutional
what is appeasement
giving into Hitler's demands
Reason for D Day
defeat/ invade germany
turning point of WW2
importance of midway
pacific advantage
provisions of the Atlantic Charter
security, trading, self determination
kennedy's new frontier
tax cuts, deficit spending, unemployment, minimum wage
what is popular mandate
clear winner in an election
reasons for the 1963 march on Washington D.C.
pass a civil rights bill
immigration act of 1965
abilished quota system
what are the Pentagon papers
report of fighting in Vietnam, not positive of US Army
What do Gideon v. wainwright and Miranda have in common
rights of the accused
what is detente
better relations with enemies
1st VP to resign
spiro Agnew
In what way was SU ahead of US
outerspace expansion
what triggered oil embargo
us aid to israel durring YonKippur war
what is the watergate affair
when nixon "bugged" the headquarters of a political opponent