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Herbert Hoover as President
self made man- prosperity won presidency for Hoober big on "rugged individualism" had faith in free enterprise system. Ddidn't recognize magnitude of Great Depresion- did too little, too late
A. T. Mahan
wrote "The influence fo Seapower upon History" in 1890. America's leading naval stategist who expressed that the key to imperial power was control fo the seas
"A Rose for Emily"
a story written by William Faulkner (1897-1962) symbolizing the societal problems of the south. Emily represented the south by her resistance to change, her lover represented the North b/c of his radical views. Emily ended up killing her lover
Why the U.S. fought the Spanish American War
piety - manifest destiny, wanted everyone english

profits - control sources of raw materials

patrotism - added control, added pride

politics - advance political institutions
1920 these men were arrested for a crime they didn't commit b/c they were self-proclaimed anarchists -> America's participation in WWI
The 14 Points
in 1919 Wilson appointed 14 pts to allies as the basis for peace negotiations. Represented Wilson's cleanist articulation of his blueprint for the post war world (reasons US fought war) League of nations formed
TR's political philosophy and actions
Conservative and Nationalist; tried to conserve society her loved, used government to make industrial society humane - sharp class segregatin
T.S. Eliot
expatriot author (1888-1965) of works such as "love Songs of Alfred Prufrock" and "The Wasteland" symbolizing the modern man and the faults of society
WPA's Federal Artists Project
During the Depression artists became workers of the New Deal. Art work became politicalized because of their poverty. For once, felt like part of the working class, and less about art forms.
The First New Deal
set forth by FDR in 1933-35 based on "relief and recovery"
helped large farmers and big business - did not completely reform capitalism, but it could have
The Second New Deal
Set forth by FDR in 1935-37, based on "reform" Welfar state adressing those ignored by the first New Deal - by public housing & unemployment insurance
FDR as a domestic leadr
great, optimistic politician helping restore american spirit; set forth New Deal 1935-39 often regarded high (thought FDR saved America of Great Depression) other presidents caompared to him
Marcus Garvey
Leader of UNIA urged blacks to return to Africa in the 1920's it was the black working class's first mass movement
New Deal Coalition
set by Al Smith 1928 included elements for those to vote democratic
political joining of white south.urban north.labor union.women.jew.intelectuals. blacks
highly ideal/morally right American was set by the Pregressive Era
18th amendment restricted alcohol and made purtiy and solutions to poverty increasing public safety in wartime
supported by religious groups, women,
Jane Addams
1889 established settlement houses social acticists helped develop feminism believed women should stand for peace and freedom
The Law of Life
a short story written by Jack London in 1910 depicting lifes harshness. The law of life among an indian tribe that everyone dies and there is no point in fighting for life
Night Hawks
Painting by Edward Hoppenin in 1942 consisteng of a man/woman flirting and another man starting at counter. Symobloized our lovely esolated state of the world
I, Being bon a woman and Distressed
poem written by Edna St Vicent Millay in the 1920's signifyng and exploring womens sexuality
American Gothic
Painting created by Frant Wodd in 1930. Depicting a farmer with a pitchfork with his wife. Symbolizing Americna calues/old wyas. Can be interpreted in a positive or negative view.
Nude Descending a Staircase
a painting created by Marcee Dushant in 1913. A cubist painting that was first sight of modern, european painting.
poem written by Carl Sandburg in the 1920's remarking abou the strength of hte city of Chicago. It represented the likenss of urbanization, industrialism, and modernism.
Jacob Riis
Danish-American journalist taht remarked on the trend that immigrants took over entire neighborhood and were often living in poverty druing the early 18th century