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Essential features of a State
Population, territory, Soveregnty, government
Evolution theory
Scholars believed that the state evolved from family
Force Theory
says that the gov emerged when al the poeple of an area were brought under the authority of one person or group
Divine right theory
notion that god has chosen certain people to rule
Karl Marks
1818-1883 a german thinker and writer, a socialist who advocated violent revolution

Communist Manifesto
John Locke
said that people were naturally endowed with the right to life liverty and property
Thomas Hobbes
in england was the first to tehorize hoe the social contract came about
Direct Democrazy
people goevrn themselves by voting on issues individually as citizens
representative democracy
the people elect representatives and give them the resposiblity and power to make laws and conduct government
any system of gov in which a small gruop holds power
any system of gov in which the power and authority to rule are in the hands of a single individual
gov. ruled by the people
Magna Carta
"Great Charter" king john was forced to sign in 1215--established the principle of limited gov. in which the power of the monarch or gov was limited not absolute
English bill of rights
states what the ruleer can or cannot do- applied to american colonists who were english subjects
Declation of Independance
draft by thomas jefferson- july 4-- signed by 56 delgates, many ideas from locke
Statement of purpose and basic human rights
comlaints agaist george III