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These people apposed the constitution
The act of formal approval
A congress with only one house
This is considered the first unofficial government of the U.S.
Second Continental Congress
This said that the kings power was not absolute
Magna Carta
Organized non-buying of goods
This called for representation in both houses of congress to be based on population
Virgina Plan
The government of the U.S. from 1781 to 1789
The Articles of Confederation
This was organized for the defense of the Indians and later dissolved when the threat was gone.
The New England Confederation
This said the martial law could not be declared during peace-time.
Petition of Rights
This plan that had only one branch of government
Articles of Confederation
The success of what meeting eventually lead to the success of the constitutional convention.
Mt. Vernon Meeting
This solved the argument over how states would be reprsented in the now Congress?
Connecticut Compromise
This is a body of findamental laws setting out the structure and principles of government
This person is called the father of the Constitution because he contributed more to it.
James Madison
These people favored the Constitution
Which characteristic of the Constitution most angered the Anti-Federalist
Lack of the Bill of Rights
The first Union of all the 13 colonies
First Continental Congress
People settled in colonies for all of the followeing freedoms except
to make friends with the indians
Ammendments were never added to the constitution because
All 13 states had to agree
Under the Articles of Confederation Congress could not do all of the following except?
They could not raise taxes
Who prsented the Virginia Plan
Gov. Edmond Randalph
The Government under the Articles of Confederation had what?
Only a legislative branch of a unicameral congress
Which compromise put and end to the importion of slaves in 1808
Commerce and Slave trade.
4 major weaknesses of congress
1. Congress did not have the power to tax
2. Regulate trade between states
3. limited by a lack of power to make the States obey the Articles of Confederation or the law it made.
4. The articles themselves could be changed only with the consent of all 13 of the State legislature.
What two issues drew the greates bebate when it came to ratifying the constituion?
Did not have Bill of Rights, the greatly increased powers of the central government