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Form of Government where hereditary ruler rules because they were born to power
Form of Government where a person takes control of a country and makes all government decisions.
Form of Government where the people vote for all laws in a country.
From of Democracy where people elect leaders who create laws and will run the country.
Form of Government where everyone in the society makes the rules they will follow.
From of Government where the leaders run the Government and the Ecomomy.
Form of Government that owns some of the business and compete with private owners and people elect leaders.
Articles of Confederation
Name of the first form of government in the United States. This form of government was weak and ineffective.
The Constitution of the United States
Name if the Second form of Government in the United States. This is the form of government of still in effect today.
James Madison
James Madison is know as the Father of the Constitution.
The Virginia Plan
Favored by Big States. Plan from Virginia which said state representation would be based on size of population.
The New Jersey Plan
Favored by small states. States would have the same number of representatives.
The Great Compromise
Combined the Virginia and New Jersey plans creating two house of representation; one base on population the other with equal representation.
The 3/5 compromise
Agreement between the slave states and free states; the compromise stated that 3 out of 5 slaves would count towards a states population, and slaves would not have the right to vote.
Montesquieu's Ideas for the Constitution
All powers of government should be written and separated by branches.
The 3 branches of the United States Government?
Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branch
From whom did James Madison get the idea of Federalism?
From the Iroquois Native Americans
Expalin Federalism.
Power of government separated into state governments and national government
Who is credited for the idea of Social Contract?
John Locke
What is Social Contract?
People give up total freedoms and governemnt agrees to protect basic rights.
What part of the constitution explains the puropse?
The Preamble states the purpose of the constitution.
The system of Checks and Balances
This system keeps all branches of government from becoming to strong.
What is another name for the Legislative Branch?
Another name for the Legislative Branch is Congress
What is the primary job of the Legislative Branch?
The primary job of the Legislative Branch is to write and pass laws.
Name the two house of the Legislative Branch.
The House of Representatives and the Senate.
How is representation determined for the House of Representatives?
Representation in the House of Representatives is determined by the state's population.
How many years is term of office for a member of the House of Representatives?
The term is for 2 years.
What are the requirements to be elected to the House of Representatives?
A person must be 25 years old, 7 year citizen, and live in the district he will represent.
What are two powers only the house can use?
The House of Representatives has the power write bills for raising money, and impeachment process.
How is representation determined in the Senate?
The Senate has 2 representatives from each state.
How many years is the term of office for a member of the Senate?
A senators term in office is 6 years.
What part of the Senate is elected every two years?
1/3 of the members are elected every two years.
What are the requirements to be elected to the Senate?
A Senator must be 30 years old, 9 year citizen, and live in the state he will represent.
What powers are given only to the Senate?
The power to confirm Presidential appointments, approval of treaties, and act as jury in impeachment trials.
What is a "Bill"?
A written proposal of an idea for a possible law.
What three powers are given to both the House of Representatvies and the Senate?
Congress can override a President's VETO, declare war, control immigration, protect patents and copyrights.
In Congress, how is the the "Elastic Clause" used?
Congress can pass laws needed to do its job.
What are the three laws Congress can not pass?
Denial of Writs of Habeas Corpus, Bill of Attainders, and Ex Post Facto Laws.
Define Impeachment.
Impeachment is Congress accusing a Federal oficial of a crime.
Who is in charge of the Executive Branch?
The President is in charge of the Executive Branch.
What is the main job of the Executive Branch?
The main job of the Executive Branch is to enforec or carry out the lwas, and run the government.
What are the three requirements to be elected as President of the United States?
A person must be 35 years old, be a natural born citizen fo the United States, live in the United States for 14 year prior to election.
What appontments can the President make?
The President can appont Leaders of the Executive Branch, and all Federal Judges.
What is the name given to the group of appointed officials who advise and help run the departments of the national government?
"The Cabinet" is the name given to the leaders who advise the President.
What is a VETO?
A VETO is used by the President to REJECT or REFUSE to sign a law passed by Congress.
Who leads the military of the United States?
The President is the leader of the Military.
Who writes the treaties with other nations?
The President writes the treaties with other nations.
Who leads the Judicial Branch?
The Supreme Court leads the Judicial Branch.
What is the main job of the Judicial Branch?
The main job of the Judicial Branch is to interpret the laws and declare them constitutional.
What are 3 levesl of the courts in the Judicial Branch, from lowest to Highest? Think SAD.
District Courts, Appellate Courts, and Supreme Court.
What is Judicial Review?
Judicial Review is the process used by the Supreme Court to decide if a law is Constitutional.
What is the Constitution?
The supreme law of the land of the United States.
What is the only crime mentioned in the Constitution?
Treason is the only crime mentioned in the Constitution.
What is an amendment?
An amendment is a change to the constitution.
What are the Bills of Rights?
The Bill of Rights are the frist 10 amendments to the constitution.
Why were the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution?
The Bill of Rights were added to limit the power of government and give people more civil rights.
What are the Civil War Amendments?
The Civil War Amendments freed the slaves, gave people equal rights, and the right to vote to all balck men.
What amendment gave women the right to vote and in what year?
The 19th amendment, in 1920, gave women the right to vote.
What did the 26th amendment change?
The 26th amendment changed the voting age to 18 years old.
What are the 3 branches of the Illinois State Government?
The 3 branches of Government in Illinois are the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Breanch.
What is another name for the Illinois Legislative Branch?
The Illinois Legislative Branch is also known as the General Assembly?
Who is the leader of the Illionis Executive Branch?
The leader of the Illinois Executive Branch is the Governor.
What department is responsible for all licenses in the Illinois state government?
The Secretary of State is responsible for all Licenses in the state of Illinois.
What is the capital of Illinois?
The capital of illinois is Springfield.