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What are tha basic landforms of the U. S. when you move from the Atlantic Ocean toward the Pacific Ocean?
Atlantic Coastal Plain
Appalachian Mountains
Interior Plains
Rocky Mountains
Great Basin
What about Alaska's and Hawaii's landforms?
The Hawaiian Islands are actually the tops of underwater mountains. Alaska has two mountain ranges with a large valley between them.
What types of climates does the U.S. have?
Except for Hawaii and Alaska, the U.S. lies about halfway between the equator and the North Pole which gies it a moderate (temperate) weather zone. Hawaii is tropical, and Alaska is in a sup-polar zone.
What is a region?
A region is a large area that has common features such as landforms, climate, and natural resources.
How many regions does the U.S. have?
There are five regions.
What are the names of the regions?
Northeast, Southeast, Middle West, Southwest, West
What are the other names for this region?
New England, Mid Atlantic
List 3 main cities in the region?
What does manufacturing mean?
Using machines to make products
In the Northeast Region, which is more important to the economy, farming or manufacturing?
How would you describe the climate of the region?
very cold winters, not to hot, summers plenty of rain and snow
Where does the region rank in population compared to the other regions?
Largest state in size:
New York
Largest in population
New York
Smallest state in size:
Rhode Island
Smallest in population:
Name one large river in the region:
Ohio River
Name a major body of water in the region:
New York Bay
Name two major landforms
Nigra falls
Name two major industries
Name two major minerals