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Article 1
Info about the legislature branch
Article 2
Info about the executive branch
Article 3
Info about the judicial branch
First 10 Amendments are called
the Bill of Rights
3 parts of the Constitution
Give the 5 goals of the U.S. Con.
1. To form a more perfect Union and establish justice
2. Insure domestic tranquility
3. Provide for the common defense
4. Promote the general welfare
5. Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity
Summarize the 18th amendment
prohibition. No alcoholic beverages to be bought or sold in US
Summarize the 19th amendment
women's suffrage (right to vote)
summarize the 21st amendment
repealed prohibition. Alcohol can be bought and sold.
summarize the 22nd amendment
No individual can be elected more than 2 times or serve more than 10 years
summarize the 26th amendment
18 year olds allowed to vote
what is the major responsibility of the legislative branch?
to make our country's laws
what is the major body of the legislative branch?
name the two houses of the legislative branch
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
where does Congress meet?
in the Capitol building in washington, dc
how many members are in the us senate?
how many from each state?
100 members
2 from each state
What is the term of a senator?
6 years
What fraction of senators are elected every two years?
List the qualifications for a US senator
30 years old
US citizen for at least 9 years
Must live in the state he/she represents
How is a senate vacancy filled?
the governor of the state makes a temporary appointment until the next election
Who is the president of the US senate?
Vice-president of the U.S.
What position is the president pro tempore?
serves in absence of the VP
What are the positions of power in the US senate?
Vice President
President pro tempore
Senate majority
Senate minority
Name two other US senate office positions that are next to the president pro tempore in importance
Senate majority and Senate minority leaders
The US senate passes what?
The US senate approves what?
The US senate approves federal what?
The US senate acts as a jury for what?
impeachment proceedings
Is the US senate the upper or lower house of our legislature?
How many members are in the House of Rep?
How many representatives does each state get?
It's share according to population
How are representatives selected from each state?
Voters from each district vote for representatives
How many reps. does MO have?
What is the term for a rep?
2 years
What are the qualifications for a rep?
25 years old
US citizen for at least 7 years
Resident of the state he/she lives in
Who is the leader of the House of Rep? How is this position filled?
Speaker of the House, elected by the majority party in the House
Name two other leadership positions in the House of Rep and how are they filled?
House minority and house majority
Elected from minority and majority parties
What type of bills start int he US house of Rep?
Bills for revenue
The US house of rep has the sole power to do what?
state impeachment proceedings against any federal officer
The US house of rep helps to pass what?
How does the US congress get a new number to designate what number of Congress is meeting?
new number every 2 years, each time new term starts
Where does the House of Rep meet?
capitol building in Washington DC
What number of Congress is presently meeting?
How often are representatives elected?
every 2 years, can be elected as many times as wanted
What party has the majority in the House of Rep today?
Who is your representative for the U.S. Congress?
Kenny C. Hulshof
What is the greater power of the US congress?
Money (coin, borrow, and raise money)
Who has the power to declare what?
Congress regulates commerce. What does that mean?
Make laws for foreign and interstate trade
What is the term given to Article 1, Section 8,Clause 18 and what does it mean?
Elastic Clause
"Congress shall make all laws which shall be necessary for carrying into execution the foregoing powers." Make any law that's necessary and proper
What is the term given to powers expressed in the US Constitution?
Enumerated powers
What are powers of the Congress believed to be powers of Congress but not actually expressed called?
implied powers
Congress cannot pass an ex post facto law. What does that mean?
A law that turns an act into a crime after it was committted
Congress cannot suspend the writ of habeus corpus except under special circumstances. What does this mean?
An order to a jailer to bring a prisoner to court or to set free the prisoner
Without habeus corpus what could happen to a person?
Prisoners can be detained almost indefinitely without a trail
Who has the power to conduct foreign affairs?
federal government
Who has the power to provide for the state militia?
state government
Who can punish crimes against the US?
Federal government
Who can establish and supervise schools?
state government
Who can maintain armed forced?
federal government
Who can tax?
Federal and state governments
Who can charter banks?
federal and state governments
What is the main responsibility of the executive branch?
to administer and enforce laws
When does a president assume duties?
20th day of January following the Nov. election
How many times can a president be elected to the presidential office?
Where is a presidential candidate nominated?
At a party convention the summer before the election
What is a party convention?
A meeting of delegates and party officials to choose their candidate for president
What are the qualifications for a president?
natural born citizen, minimum 35 years old, and resident of US for at least 14 years
What is the succession to the position of president if that position becomes vacant
1. VP
2. Speaker of US House of Rep
3. President pro tempore of US Senate
4. Secretary of State
5. The rest of cabinet
Who was the only president in history not to be elected and why?
Gerald Ford because Nixon proposed him when Agnew resigned. He was approved and Nixon resigned, and Ford became president.
Department of State
(Secretary of State)
Foreign affairs
Department of Treasury
(Secretary of Treasury)
Manages our nation's finances
Department of the Interior
(Secretary of the Interior)
All natural resources
Department of Agriculture
(Secretary of Agriculture)
Conducts educational and research plans aimed at aiding agriculture
Department of Justice
(The Attorney General)
Enforced federal laws of the US
Department of Labor
(Secretary of Labor)
Aids wage earners, enforces labor standards and laws, runs employment bureaus, mediates strikes and suggests legislation
Department of Commerce
(Secretary of Commerce)
Trade and regulations
Department of Defense
(Secretary of Defense)
Defense of the US
Department of Housing and Urban Development
(Secretary of )
City issues
Department of Transportation
(Secretary of Transportation)
All methods and use of transportation
Department of Energy
(Secretary of Energy)
Energy policy for US
Department of Education
(Secretary of Education)
Manages the federal education programs
Department of Health and Human Services
(Secretary of )
Health matters
Department of Veterans Affairs
(Secretary of )
Problems faced by American veterans
Department of Homeland Security
(Secretary of Homeland Security)
Safety of US citizens within US
Who appoints the federal judges and who approves these appointments?
President with the approval of Senate
What is the term for a federal judge?
Life, unless impeached
What are the qualifications for a federal juge?
What are the three types of federal courts?
US Supreme Court
US Court of Appeals
US District Courts
How many justices does the US Supreme Court have?
What is the major duty of the US supreme court?
decide whether state and federal laws are constitutional and whether actions by lower courts or other governmental agencies are constitutional (interpret the laws)
How many justices must be present before the US supreme court can vote on an issue?
6m a quorum
What is the title of the head of the US supreme court?
Chief Justice
How many courts of appeals do we have?
How many judges are in the court of appeals?
each has 3 or more judges
What is the major duty of the court of appeals
Relieve the Supreme Court of a large burden of cases appealed from the district courts (hear cases from the lower courts)
How many district courts does the US have?
How many judges does each district have?
1 or more judges
How many US attorneys does each district have?
1, they represent US law
Who does the attorney general represent?
Lawyer for the US federal government
The district courts are the ordinary what?
Trial courts in the federal system
Where do most cases in the federal system begin?
US district trial court
What does judicial review mean?
The name given to the process by which the US courts interpret the meaning of the US Constitution and the laws passed under it
Did the delegates at the constitutional convention mean for courts to have the power of judicial review even if it was not written in the US constitution?
Yes, because it is implied when the US Constitution states that the US federal law is the supreme laws of the land. (Articles 3 and 6)
On what date and in what case did the precedent of judicial review take place?
1803 Marbury vs. Madison
What did Marbury vs. Madison rule?
Federalist victory which proved judicial review reinforces the power of a strong central government
How does a US supreme court justice become the chief justice of the supreme court?
President appoints, senate OKs
What does checks and balances mean?
Each branch has powers to check on the other branches so that not one branch becomes too powerful
What are the three most important check and balances in our government?
1. Executive has power to check on legislative by the ability to veto law
2. Legislative has power to check on executive by the ability to pass a law over the president's veto by 2/3 vote in each house
3. Judicial has power to check on both legislative and executive by the ability to declare laws unconstitutional
Example of check and balances for exec over judicial
President appoints federal judges
3 examples of check and balances for legislative over exec
1. Legislative must approve appointments by President
2. Senate must approve treaties the President makes
3. Legislative has the power of impeachment proceedings over exec.
Example of check and balances for legislative over judicial
Legislative (Senate) must approve the President choices of judges to judicial branch
What is meant by federalism
The division of power between federal government and state government