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When does congress begin (date)?
Jan. 3 every odd-numbered yr for 2 yrs
Where does Congress meet?
Capitol Building, Wash DC
If bill is not signed by Pres, Congress may attempt to pass by how much of a vote in each house?
How many members in House of Reps?
435 divided amoung states (depends on size)
How often are representatives elected?
every 2 years on even-numbered years
How long are reps terms?
2 yrs
Qualifications for house member?
citizen for 7 yrs
inhabitant of state
What are 3 special powers of the house?
-Initiate revenue bills
-start impeachment proceedings
-select prs. if no candidate has electoral college majority
What is the House salary?
How much money does the speaker get?
How many reps does each state get?
AT LEAST one...depends on pop
How many senators per state?
How many senators are there total?
How many and when are senators elected?
1/3 of senate elected every 2 yrs
How long is a senator's term?
6 years
Qualifications for senators?
30 yrs old
citizen for 9 yrs
inhabitant of the states
What are 4 special powers of senate members?
-approve nominations of Pres
-approve treaties made by pres
-try impeachments
-investigate executive
what are senate members salaries?
Who is the pres of the senate?
Vice-pres of US
Who does the senate select in absence of Vice Pres?
President Pro Tempore
What is main duty of executive branch?
enforce laws
Who is chief officer of executive branch?
Pres of US
Qualifications for exectutive member?
Natural born citizen
35 yrs old
live in US for 14 yrs
What is the presidents salary?
what is the vice pres salary?
How many judges are in the supreme court?
How long does a judge serve?
alll his life long
What are 2 duties of the supreme court?
-decide if laws constitutional
-hear cases of appeal on important matters
How many courst are there in the court of appeals?
how many district courts are there?
What are 2 duties of District courts?
-ordinary trial courts
-first court of contact on the federal level
To propose an amendment, by how much should the majority be?
To approve an amendment, by what fraction should the state legistlatures & state conventions approve?
If the pres vetoes a bill, by what fraction does the congress have to pass it in each house?