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Articles of Confederation
First US Constitution
New Jersey Plan
Small state plan
One state = one vote
Executive Branch
1.makes sure that the laws of the United States are obeyed.
2.President is the head of the Executive Branch
Virginia Plan
1. Big states plan
2. 3 branches of government 3. 2 houses
4. Both would use population as a basis for dividing seats among the states
3/5 Compromise
Southern states wanted to count slaves in their population for more representation in the Congress and Northern states disagreed with it. The compromise was 3 out of 5 blacks could be counted
Shay's Rebellion
Clash between farmers and merchants.
What do the articles do in general?
Outline how the government runs
What are the 3 branches of government?
How many articles are in the US Constitution?
7 Articles
How many amendments does the US Constitution contain?
27 Amendments
What is the first part or introduction of the Constitution called?
Preamble "We the people..."
What was the weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
no taxes
What are amendments?
Little changes or additions
What is another word for Legislature?
This is how states and national governments share or divide power.
Articles of Confederation
1st Constitution of the United States
1. No taxes 2. Land Ordinance of 1785 (set up towns)
3. Northwest Ord. (set up states, 60,000 ppl)
How many articles are in the US Constitution?
7 Articles
Great Compromise
Proposed by Roger Sherman
1.Kept 3 Branches of Government
2.Divided the Legislature into 2 houses
a. Senate- 2 per state (small state plan)
b. House of Representatives- 435 members based on state population (Big state plan)
What system of government do we have and how do the 3 branches keep one another honest?
System of checks and balances
Article II
Executive branch
Who runs the Executive branch of our government?
The president and vice-president ( Bush & Cheney)
Who elects the president?
The Electoral College or Electors
Does getting the popular or most votes in an election mean you will be the next president?
What are the requirements to be president of the US?
Serve 4 year terms
Can serve only 2 terms
Must be 35 yrs. old
Born in US
Live in the US 14 yrs
If the president dies who becomes president?
If the president and vice-president dies who becomes president?
Speaker of the house
What are the responsibilities of the president?
Commander&Chief of military
Picks Supreme Court Justices
Makes treaties
Sign,veto, or desk Bills
How many days must a bill lay on the presidents desk to become a law?
10 days
With out a declaration of war who has the power to move military forces abroad?
What is another word for a "proposed law"?
A Bill
What happens to a Bill?
Passes (or not) the House, the Senate, and goes to the President. He can sign, veto or lay it on his desk (10 days on desk it is a law)
Congress can override a presidential veto of a Bill with what percentage of a vote?